Every summer has a story…

“Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in the garden.”

While getting “outside” is not going to look quite the way it did in seasons past, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had when we step outside at this time of year.

Walking or cycling may be what you’re ready for to stretch out those muscles and get rid of those ‘isolation extra pounds’ but when it comes to staying safe, most of us will be laying low in our own spaces.

Quiet reflection, having a restful day by the pool, see- ing a limited number of friends and family members or just minding your own business on the balcony or patio as the sun goes down is definitely on the menu during the warmer weather.

Yes, six feet apart and nuanced social distancing and the painful economic slowdown are taking their toll on all of us as 2020 slips through our fingers, but there’s nothing to stop us from a little rest and relaxation in the summer sunshine. Gardens and outdoor spaces also remind us to slow down and look around and, are said to give us healing energy.

When it comes to getting things done and feeling positive, as the saying goes, it is best to “make hay while the sun shines.” Cocktails on the patio, tending newly planted flower and vegetable gardens, and reading on the deck or poolside are simply cheerful breaths of fresh air. Having seating and eating areas that are both bold and hidden with glorious indoor-outdoor weather resistant furnishings that boast a splash of optimistic colour will be sure to please as well.

And, last but not least, if you’re fortunate enough to have the home chef to man the barbeque, and help set up your outdoor bar, the charm of a soul-soothing summer weekend will be back before you know it.

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