Dining Out in NYC

Dining Out in NYC

hf_nyc_dineA Voce

Right next door to thehf_nyc_dine3 Mandarin Oriental, with similar panoramic views, is A Voce, Columbus. It offers a taste of more than just Milanese design. Sunday brunch offers contemporary interpretations of traditional Italian food. Pastas made fresh in-house are the foundation of perfectly executed dishes: the cappelletti is stuffed with Swiss hard and crescenza, with crumbled brown butter, rapini pesto and macadamia, is incredible. The risotto is also definitely worth trying, with riso acquerello, Maine lobster, saffron, brandy and tarragon. Balance your foods with a perfect selection of  recommended wines and you are sure to figure out why this restaurant was the recipient of the Grand Award from Wine Spectator.




Boulud Sud

Expertly put together by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, the menuhf_nyc_dineb groupings at Boulud Sud bring us a taste of the Mediterranean: De La Mer, Du Jardin and De La Ferme. We’re in the south of France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North Africa, without ever leaving our seats.

From appetizers to desserts that hf_nyc_dineb2are married up with fabulous entrees in between, every bite is saturated with never-before-experienced flavours. Each course is so beautifully arranged, it is almost a shame to disrupt it with the vulgarity of a knife and fork. But we succumb.

Our favourites on the evening we’re in town: the Sicilian sardine escabeche with white raisins and toasted pine nuts, and the pancetta-wrapped venison tenderloin with celery root and chestnut. Each course is perfectly paired for us with a selection from the 250-bottle wine cellar.

Open-concept seating with vaulted ceilings and modern pear-wood panelling create a high-volume, high-energy space—no point in expecting quiet conversation.