Favourite Things

Hello out there

An eccentric snapshot of an unlikely meeting by Kenny Scharf adds a humorous flare to your walls.


Subversively rebellious

One of the most celebrated contemporary Polish painters, Juszkiewicz challenges the viewers’ perception by experimenting with the form of the female figure and face.


Champagne Poodle

At Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International, Montréal. Photo credit to Greg Lotus, Inkjet print on archival quality paper, 15/25, 40×60 “2009.

Slender, light and elegant 

A lean bar cabinet that combines beautiful solid wood and brass details reminiscent of a classic Roman aesthetic.


Fearless use of colour

A-Lister and internationally acclaimed interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer, is consistently named among the top designers and tastemakers. Her interiors reflect an eclectic, yet timeless, mix of bold patterns and influences from around the world.


Roll up your sleeves

A versatile furniture paint developed by Annie Sloan in 1990, chalk paint needs no sanding or priming. Simply pop open the tin and dip in your brush.

You only live twice

Now recreated as hand helds, the original cinema Bell 47G helicopters targeted by Bond were  nine feet long and four feet high.


Objects of wonder

Photographer Beppe Brancato takes primary elements and colours them in unconventional metaphysical tones to embrace iconic furniture pieces.


Slow burn

Demanding attention, this minimalist piece complements its surroundings and helps create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

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The Meandering Epicurist

Sexy Fish London first opened its doors in 2015. Owned by British businessman and restaurateur, Richard Caring. 

An artfully balanced revival

One of the city’s most coveted addresses, the revival of the Park Hyatt Toronto by Studio Munge is a glamorous nod to Canadian heritage.

Field Notes

A new study conducted in Germany has found that the more often we see and hear birds chirping and singing, the happier we are.

If walls could talk

A classic 17th century Jacobean hunting lodge with a glam rock heart, today Huntlington House is a luxury self-catering manor fit for grand celebrations.

Bella Cucina Leaves the House

Brunch invitation Nothing is better than a late Sunday morning breakfast with friends on the patio. uniquehomestays.com  (Benetfeld House)   Chill out Now with a powerfully enhanced 15” Clear Ice Machine in these colourful full-size and undercounter refrigerators. true-residential.com  

Bella Cucina Leaves the House

Pavilion Large Ivory Metal Dining Table A natural travertine top contrasts with the modernity of a solid satin ivory iron frame, yet doesn’t feel at all out of place in a modern outdoor space or even an indoor dining room.