Favourite things

Shades and cools
A diverse series of streamlined aluminium structures, Pavilion H has been designed
to bring form, structure and protection to outdoor areas.

Sea girl
Art meets black humour in this Italian sofa from the
zany Seletti Wears Toiletpaper collection.

Fearless florals
Sweden’s Lisa Bengtsson is not afraid to stand out with her
kooky patterns and splashes of colour.

Saucy walls
Made to your measure, this inspirational wallpaper
will dazzle in any room!

Able to absorb a litre of water and dry rapidly, this lightweight beach
towel is a must for yoga, picnics and heading to the Maldives.

Cabin on a hill
This simple hiking hut designed by Norwegian architects can be placed
at the top of a mountain or the bottom of a valley.

Floral design meets storytelling
Floral arrangements come to life and inspire design at a.p. bio’s NYC studio,
founded by Doan Ly.

Punchy prints dial up the drama
Feisty, graphic prints take centre stage in these new snazzy collections.

Technicolour man
Coinciding with the fashion house’s debut of artist director Virgil Abloh’s
new men’s collection, a twelve-storey artwork of the new Louis Vuitton man
appeared on a Miami pop up.

A tale of light
A colourful, lightweight portable lamp, Bicoca projects an intimate light to
accompany the good times and add warmth to personal spaces.

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Saying “I do”  at Tuscany’s Villa le Corti

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