Favourite Things

Proteus of the deep

Aquanaut Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s grandson, Fabien Cousteau is building his dream—a massive international space station for underwater marine research.


Black gems

As proud owners of two classic Jaguars, these Amsterdam car lovers built themselves a private showroom.


Doggone good

Upcycled from grocery delivery bags, these one-of-a-kind, handmade suits are tailored to fit.


Limited edition

Just two Louis Vuitton Keepalls have been designed for each One & Only resort, each completely unique.


Spring fling

Blossoms and birds. An ornithologist’s dream.

Best bubbles

Now iconic, Sacha Lakic’s Bubble represents the perfect balance between design, innovation, function, and emotion.


Monkey House

A space inspired by the verticality and magnitude of the trees and the possibility to connect with nature and the Capuchin Monkeys.


Gently curved

All elements and configurations of this collection are compact, visually bold and softly quilted.


Beautiful rose

Feminine, delicate and emotive. The gold leaf brings refinement and lust and does not go unnoticed in any environment.


Sheer bliss

At the Metropolitan Bangkok your private villa bubble offers private chefs, nutritious and delicious meals, yoga and guided meditation classes. You can enjoy jungle treks, seafood barbecues under the stars, and inspiring COMO Conversations about how to eat well to look good. Or just carry on your “working from home” schedule—but with an authentic tropical backdrop to your Zoom meetings.



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