Embrace The Season

Take winter dining outdoors

Gather around the fire…Cozy up with good food and friends

By Sebastien Centner

Why allow winter to drive us indoors? Embrace the season with an outdoor dining experience. Choose foods and cooking techniques that make the elements work in your favour. Comforting fires double as cooking elements; add an antique wood fireplace.• Best served chilled, caviar and vodka can be out while guests arrive.
• Keep mulled wine simmering over the stove fire.
• Lean cedar-planked salmon directly over the fire to roast.
• A Swedish log torch can burn consistently for 2 hours; place a tagine on top for slow cooking.
• A cast-iron pot directly on the fire will boil maple sugar.While dusk settles in, sit for dinner as the candle flicker turns your space into a winter wonderland.

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Homefront Entertains recipes can be found at www.homefrontmagazine.ca.

Photos: Bruce Gibson

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