Fabulous Fall feasts

Fondue is not just for après-ski! A cheese fondue is super easy to prepare and serves as the perfect late afternoon snack after a late autumn stroll or hike.

By Sebastien Centner
@sebcentner @eatertainment

This fall marks (hopefully) the beginning of a path to normalcy as we resume indoor dining both at restaurants and in our homes with friends and family. The timing couldn’t be better as fall dining brings warmer, heartier dishes and the opportunity to expand our entertaining horizons. In this issue of Homefront Magazine, I share my picks for the hottest trends in fall cuisine. Whether you choose to replicate the entire menu as-is or pick and choose your favourite courses to build into your own menu, the result will be a feast of fall culinary flavours! 

A selection of toppings is an ideal way to start any
fall meal with guests topping pre-cut garlic and olive oil toasts with their favourite selections. In this case we mixed sliced vegetables, fruits and charcuterie.

Acorn Squash
Nothing says fall quite like acorn squash. When cooked with butter and brown sugar and filled with
a sauteed medley of Fall vegetables, it’s the perfect fall appetizer.

Game Chop
Experiment with the flavours of more game-style meats like veal, venison, elk and bison to elevate your main course. A veal chop roasted with herbs makes for an easy but impressive fall course.

Dessert Fondue
After a heartier Fall meal, finish things off with a dessert duo of white and dark chocolate fondue with strawberries for dipping. Chopped dipped strawberries become “tuxedo dipped” when you dip in both!

Food styling by @eatertainment – www.eatertainment.com


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