Green, green, green

By Sebastien Centner
@sebcentner @eatertainment

This spring we celebrate all that is green. As we embrace the arrival of warmer weather and look forward to bursts of flowers budding soon, it’s also the perfect time of year to introduce avocado and all things fresh and seasonal into your menu. BTW in addition to being a healthy alternative with lots of versatility, avocado is one of my favourite foods, so I try to use it as much as possible (and not just on toast).

A Twist on Toast
Avocado toast can go from dull to dynamite just by adjusting your recipe a bit. Use a blender to create avocado mousse and garnish with edible flowers for a spring time pop of colour.

I’m always on the lookout for cool new ways to use avocado so make sure to DM me @sebcentner with your favourite avocado recipe!

Citrus Refresher
Nothing says warm weather like a mojito and for our special variation on the classic we reduced the soda water by 25 per cent and swapped in some fresh green apple juice.

Green(er) Salad
I love working salads into my spring menus. This season I am combining avocado with my other favourite ingredients. Why not try spinach, red peppers and quinoa, topped with a green goddess dressing?

SLT: Sardine-Lettuce-Tomato
With the rise in popularity in sardines led by Spanish influenced cuisine, I thought this take on the traditional BLT would be a fun way to introduce my guests to my open-faced tartine.

Food styling by @eatertainment –

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