Ice Cubed

hf_Sebs_2Frozen food fine-tuned for winter entertaining

By Sebastien Centner


hf_Sebs_3Ice in all formsThe most versatile element

Sebastien’s suggestions: Forget the stigma of frozen food, amplify your winter entertaining using ice in new and interesting ways.

• Use a variety of ice forms, from scoops of ice cream to frozen blocks of tuna tartare that can be shaved onto a crostini and served at a cocktail party, or a plate presented directly on a block of ice to keep the dish cool

• Adding dry ice to a dessert not only keeps it cool but creates a smoky effect for an impressive presentation. Remove any unevaporated pieces prior to consumption

• Use a round ice mold to create ice spheres adding orange peel, cherries, cranberries, olives or whatever you wish to infuse in your hf_Sebs_4cocktail. Round ice cubes are desired among bartenders because they are slow melting, therefore, they don’t dilute your drink as fast as regular ice cubes

• Freeze larger blocks of ice adding bold colours of food or flowers and use as a centrepiece or decor on the buffet. Place a scooped edge plate beneath to trap the water.

You can find complete recipes for Homefront Entertains at Simply click on Entertaining > Homefront Entertains.

Sebastien Centner is the director of Eatertainment Special Events & Catering, one of Canada’s leading event and catering companies. A regular contributor to Homefront, Sebastien can also be seen on The Marilyn Denis Show, The Loop and ET Canada offering entertaining ideas and inspiration to 

Canadians across the country.
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Thanks to Executive Chef Christopher Matthews for composing this colour-blocking menu.

Photos: Bruce Gibson

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