HF Spa Diaries

Donkey milk
Rumoured to be the bathing secret that led to Cleopatra’s soft, supple skin, and a homeopathic medicinal ingredient in India, Africa and Greece, donkey milk has been heralded for its nourishing internal and topical benefits for centuries. Referred to as a ‘natural elixir of youth,’ it contains Vitamin A, D and C as well as proteins and essential fatty acids. In layman’s terms, properties that assist with skin protection and soothing and cell rejuvenation.

It’s not vegan-friendly of course, but manufacturers like Korres, who use the age-old ‘miracle’ ingredient in the formulation of their Mediterranean serums for face and body, suggest that donkey milk is a mild ingredient that’s good for the skin. And, the milk is humanely harvested from mother donkeys with their babies present. Hee-haw!

Sober curious 
Emerging as a movement from a book by Rudy Warrington, who questions our use and relationship with alcohol, comes the sober curious culture. Popular with health-seeking millennials in particular, non-alcohol focused activities at spas and wellness destinations, yoga retreats and meditation events have risen to the top of the menu. Along with plant-based diets, mindfulness and non-alcoholic dinners and sober bars that serve only healthy juices and mocktails, sobriety, it seems, is the new cool.

Immortal mushrooms
Used for centuries in Asia, spa treatment advocates say Reishi are deeply hydrating. Watch for their immune boosting properties said to soothe the skin, prevent premature aging, fight fatigue, increase energy level and reduce aches and pains.

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HF Spa Diaries

A rumoured bathing secret, sobriety in style and immortal mushrooms.

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