Spa Diaries

Hooking up at the bar

Touted as the perfect pit-stop for go-getter locals and internationals who need an energy boost, the just-opened VIVID vibrant IV drip bar, joins the spa offerings at Anantara’s Siam Bangkok Hotel. On trend with the global integrated health and wellness movement, VIVID offers instant cellular rejuvenation, anti-aging, better sleep treatments and, even quick pick me ups for dehydration and hangovers.

#1 Longevity food

The “King of Beans,” Tim McGreevy wants all of us to take the pulse pledge and support a nutrient-positive agriculture cycle by consuming more of his powerfully healthy legumes.

McGreevy, the head of the Dry Pea and Lentil Council, tells Blue Zones in a recent interview that beans are making a comeback not only because they’re affordable but because they do double duty as both a vegetable and a source of protein. Watch for beans on your spa menu and read more at

Stem cells to the rescue

Treatment with stem cells is now used in cardiac and nervous system pathologies, orthopaedics, traumatology and sports medicine. In dermatology facials and body rejuvenation too. But now, according to regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Oscar Mayorga, adult mesenchymal cells obtained from bone marrow or fat can be used to regenerate tissues and organs by aspiration under local anaesthesia. During COVID-19 he’s using stem cell treatments to both stimulate the immune system and help patients who have suffered lung damage from COVID 19 via nebulization.

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