Spa Diaries

Yorkville’s best bolthole

Amidst the hustle and bustle of ‘the city that never stops building” the reno’d Spa at the Four Seasons Yorkville is one of our favourites for a restful mid-week escape. Chill by the pool or in the outdoor lounge, or hide away for a treatment or two.  

Our latest crush: Rosedale Reflexology. Inspired by the steep ravine walks in one of Toronto’s most historic neighborhoods, this treatment relaxes, hydrates and realigns. Or, if you’re so inclined, create your own package of no need to feel guilty pleasures, a combo of three or more spa treatments facials, massages and body treatments complete with a lovely glass of bubbly.

Mystical wonders

Imagine sacred waters and a sanctuary protected by pure energy where your tribe dances and plays as they look for the spiritual medicine that will leave you bright,
focused and connected. Azulik has 48 wooded crafted villas and avant-garde cuisine and sits on stilts 38 feet above two Tulum’s Mayan jungle. A hidden place to abandon worries, meet native shamans and feel the stateliness of the sun.

The buzz about broth

Broths are indeed nourishing. Buy them fresh or frozen at the health food store, or make your own if you’re up for simmering beef bones and veggies for a few hours. Strain and you’ve got a healthy meal to fill you up and support cell turn-over and gastrointestinal tract repair.

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3 Destinations You Should Know about Japan

Japan is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the planet – especially among younger travellers. Japan may not be as geographically big as some of its rivals, but it packs a real wealth of scenes between its shores.

Top of the Line: BMW X7 50i

As large SUVs in the luxury segment go, BMW has come rather late to the party. However, the marque’s new entry—the long-awaited X7—is going to be a mighty competitor in a field that was previously owned by Land Rover, Cadillac’s Escalade and, more lately, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

But First, Brunch!

There are only so many precious Saturday nights free for entertaining and, let’s be honest, after a long week, hosting a full sit-down dinner can be a bit overwhelming. Occasionally, Sheila and I like to change it up by hosting a fabulous Saturday or Sunday buffet brunch. We’ll make it simple or elegant, depending on the mood and the crowd.

Saying “I do”  at Tuscany’s Villa le Corti

In the Chianti Classico producing region between Florence and Siena, the Corsini family’s magnificent estate in the Tuscan countryside is steeped in romance and tradition. Here, the landscape of the Tuscan hills melds with a thousand-year history of one of the most important Italian families. 

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