Spa Diaries

From plate to face

Avocados continue to be touted as a healthy alternative on both restaurant and spa menus these days. Experts agree that with the popularity of avocado toast, a millennial “healthy fat” favourite, it’s been easy for the beauty world to hop onboard and embrace the benefits of this humble fruit.

An everyday avocado delivers chlorophyll to reduce inflammation, water to hydrate, Vitamin E to promote softness and prevent wrinkles so they’re a slam dunk for anti- aging as well. Their gentle fibres add to product consistency and natural sticking power as well. So, whether it’s a creamy eye treatment, an avocado melt sleeping mask, or a nourishing avo body wrap, read the fine print and you’ll more often than not find an avo’s nourishing oils, vitamins and minerals in the mix.

Year of the minimalist

For the rest of this year, a “less is more” movement will come to the forefront. Low maintenance quarantine habits will have more longevity and impact than perhaps the beauty industry would like. Experts suggest we’ll be seeing less steps taken in our beauty routines and the mindful use of few- er products. Make-up and morning rituals will be simplified. Think three-in-one and multiple use items with a focus on buying clean and sustainable. Expect the desire for just 5 good ingredients to crest and influencers to be replaced by experts—doctors, scientists, and well-educated spokespeople. Hats and wallets will also be tipped to local producers and artisanal smaller batches. The new cool will be a more climate conscious and less materialistic approach to life.

God doesn’t make junk

Chemical-free wild rosehip are handpicked and carefully extracted to preserve their natural healing power by Juanita Corbett and her team from Canadian Natural Oils in One Hundred Mile Ranch, Northern British Columbia. Known to be a powerful skin- tissue regenerator, rosehip have also been shown to contain from 10- 100 times more Vitamin C than any other food!! Vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorous. Vitamin B1, B2, A, E, K, P and niacin are strongly present making the Corbett’s oils beneficial for sensitive skin, spider and varicose veins, damage or weakness as well as scars, burns and wrinkles and inflammation of mature, dry, hard or over exposed skin.
Corbett, whose favourite line is, “God doesn’t make junk,” suggests a spa treatment at a Fairmont Willow Stream Spa where they use her oils. Or, at home, apply sparingly over the area you wish to strengthen. Rub on morning and evenings for best results.

Beauty from the north

Aurum skincare was born of a deep love for the Yukon; the haunting beauty of its landscape and the dauntless nature of its people. It is here, on the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, that friends and co-founders, Elise and Joanne found inspiration amidst the luminous trunks of boreal birch (betula neoalaskana).

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Spa Diaries

For the rest of this year, a “less is more” movement will come to the forefront.

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