Roast Chicken Dinner

By Sebastien Centner @sebcentner

Any time of year is a great time to enjoy comfort foods. For many of us the smell of a freshly prepared roast chicken reminds us of relaxing nights and home-cooked meals shared with loved ones. Though some may reserve roast chicken for the holidays or special occasions, there is no reason that such a simple yet delicious meal can’t be a staple in your family’s dinner routine!

When setting the table for a comfortable meal, it can sometimes be difficult to straddle the line between too casual and too formal. Our approach is to keep things simple but add one or more subtle accents to give the table a slightly more upscale look.

One of the great things about comfort foods is they never go out of style. A meal like roast chicken always seems to be a crowd pleaser across a variety of ages and palates. In addition to being a family favourite, roast chicken is also an affordable and easy-to-prepare meal that doesn’t require a ton of ingredients or preparation. One quick trip to the grocery store and you’re all set.

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