Liquid Assets goes clean and pretty

Romance in pink

Simple, stunning and oh-so-sleek, this bespoke wall mural lends a hint of glamorous and a whole lot of chic.

5 tips to get the look

1) Take time to plan.
2) Celebrate nature and light.
3) Opt for natural whenever possible.
4) Find quiet spaces you love.
5) Match with easy-on-the-eyes accessories.

Up, up and away

Arrive fresh-faced with this custom travel kit with sample size classics.

Wash your mask

Brings a wash bag, drying cloth and storage together in a safe, useful bundle.


The ultimate weekend/ vacation tote for spring and summer fun.

Regal hand-washing

Fiery red flora, both inside and out, present a modern interpretation
of traditional paisley.

Love you to the moon

Adaptogenic blends to help regulate stress hormones for total mind & body support.

Velvet lips

A statement-making matte cream colour lipstick with a comforting, whipped texture and airy feel. Liquid Lip Velvet provides a light-as-air feeling and a cushion-soft sensation upon application.

Elegantly minimal

Visually and technologically innovative, this shower-toilet lends a fresh new feel to design, hygiene and comfort in the bathroom.

24-Karat shimmer

Diamond pearlescent pigment for sophisticated elegance on cheeks, eyes and lips.

Fancifully floral

Hand-crafted, this camellia and white lotus ceramic candle is a lovely gift.

Ask a dentist

Slim line, vegan and paraben-free, this brush tracks when and how well kids brush.

Organic touch

Coiled rattan and walnut-finished rattan peel set includes a towel tray, tissue box, soap dispenser, and canister.

A good sweat

Accelerates the sweating process in our problem areas during vigorous exercise.

Dull and dry?

Easy long handle and firm bristles create a full and rich lather to deeply cleanses and revive.

Bain pour deux

The layout of this tub offers a unique shape for side-by-side luxurious bathing with ergonomic seating, resting and foot support positions.

Saigon mix

Inspired by the vintage cement tiles found throughout Vietnam, they’ll ensure your space is one-of-a-kind.

To Paris with love 

The Selfie, hand- made personal fan is perfectly Parisian.

Sexy with staying power

All-day, long-lasting smoky eyes set the mood.

Stone inspired

Different minerals are blended in homogeneous and deliberately not shaded colours for a unique, non-trivial environment.

Roomy weekender

Crafted with ocean-bound marine plastic, this easy going, do- it-all bag comes with a padded handle and three compartments.

Forest bathing

Inspired by Scandinavia’s rugged landscapes this mild soap bathes you in the scent of juniper and fresh-cut lumber.

Close shave

Say goodbye to nicks and razor burn with the plant-based formula of moisturizing coconut, calming chamomile and clarifying sage.

The power of vitamins

A synergistic combo of vitamins and plant nutrients to help non-cystic acne.

Tropically pineapple

Colourful sunglass protectors in soft leather with a fruity theme.

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