Liquid Assets goes fresh and floral

5 Tips to get the look:

1) Throw away your old products.
2) Gravitate toward natural ingredients.
3) Use a bamboo shower mat.
4) Add a basket of bath bombs.
5) Fill the air with clean, floral and citrusy smells.

Black and white

A full array of stylish bathroom furniture available in 26 finishes.

Rosy cheeks

Embrace and celebrate your emotions with a subtle, healthy blush that comes naturally to your cheeks.

Nice Bergamote

Tickle your nose with a sunny burst of the finest natural Calabrian bergamot, woven with a natural floral accord of rose petals, jasmine and Ylang Ylang from the Comoros Archipelago.

Sculpted for the gods

Feel just like Pygmalion’s irresistible creation with this gold vibrating bar.

Beach babes

Grab a friend and head to the sea with a beach towel that’s large yet lightweight, super absorbent, fast drying and totally sand-free.

Tailored tubs

Bain De Ville is a new collection of tubs tailored for alcove installations in city lofts and high rises where space is at a premium.

Like a strong cup of coffee

Tell your face “good morning” with this organic blend of macadamia, rosehip, evening primrose and kona coffee oils.

A little Foreclay?

Tell your acne to Freck off with this hydrating clay mask designed for prevent and sooth blemishes.

Rounded edges

The bathroom furniture of Duravit and Sieger embodies a modern elegance thanks to subtle, rounded contours, handle-free fronts and slim edges.

Shine bright

Precious 24-carat gold flakes have been crafted into sparkling and ultra- reflective particles,

then dispersed in this hydrating smoothing gel.


Magnesium-rich dead sea salts, build volume, and create random, undone texture without the drying effects of most sea salt sprays.

Energizing endurance

Prime your body for the workout ahead with this oxygenating, pre-training blend.

Pure perfection

This Binchotan Facial Soap restores skin’s natural beauty by moisturizing, detoxifying, and absorbing impurities from pores.

Youthful glow

A creamy anti-aging mask, packed with Japanese beautyberry, two types of vitamin C and AHAs from seven fruits. Unveil softer, glowing skin.

Uplifting and restorative

Give your loved ones a break with these therapeutic bath salts infused with the relaxing power of Dr. Singha’s delightful aromatic massage oil.

Liquid gold

Add this hemp-enhanced honey to coffee or tea, drizzle over toast, or mix in to your favourite homemade balms and remedies.

Scrubbed pink

Use this gentle and effective scrub to buff away dead skin cells and reveal a soft and radiant complexion.


The Dutchmaster collection captures the movement and lush beauty of flowers, bringing bold artistic photography to the graceful contours of the Carillon vessel sink.


This vegan jelly cleanser removes makeup, excess oil, pollution and grime from the day.

From the Far East
A symbol of fertility and reproduction, fresh fig is known for its moisturizing properties and its sweet and earthy aroma.

Blowing bubbles

Bury yourself in luxurious bubbles with this skin soothing blend of coconut and lime, infused with premium CBD oil.

Eat it up

Feed your skin this whole-food lotion by The New New Age. It provides a nourishing, hydrating and protective layer for our body’s largest organ.

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