Bella Cucina celebrates spring

5 tips to get the look

  1. Think like a monk: Less is more.
  2. Put away winter pillows and throws.
  3. Open the windows and patio doors.
  4. Decorate with spring flowers.
  5. Boost your mood with pretty pastels.

Crisp, clean and contemporary
Efficiency rules when you reimagine your kitchen space with some of the over two hundred must-have kitchen items at

Well aged
A size-suitable cabinet for dry-aged beef, pork, game, fish and all kinds of charcuterie.

A match made in heaven
For the person who has everything, this handy little match striker oozes with handmade charm.

Sommelier’s choice
Wine lovers covet these bone-handled sommelier knives for clean, easy opening of fine vintage wines.

Royal intentions
For regal lunch sandwiches, pleasurable teas or decor for a living room wall.

Cool it
This summer-ready, easy-access beverage cooler will keep things ice cold  indoors or out.

Soak it in
These organic, space-saving sponges are easy to store, expandable when needed and gentle for all.

Bright and breezy
Fresh and fabulous steals the show with this indoor/outdoor living restyle from the designers at

Red, white and birdy 
Hand crafted in Vietnam using an ancient 100-day, 32-step process, these butler trays are lacquered with resin extracted from cashew shells before they’re etched and painted.

Suck it up
Pocket-size, this fancy adjustable straw works in tall bottles or in fancy short glasses. Waste not, want not!

Less is more
These easy-store, planet friendly cleaners are concentrated and multi purpose.

How sweet it is
Produced exclusively from Vermont’s organic apiaries, it’s perfect for baking, cooking or adding to a cozy, hot cup of tea.

Re-learning laundry
A tough, alternative and refreshing scent of peppermint and tea tree.

A Good Bake
Baking science all of us can understand and a splendid collection of signature and experimental recipes from a scientist, professional baker and home cook.

Take me with you
A sleek new kitchen system that is flexible and free of the limitations that many wall-anchored kitchen cabinets face.

Air tight
Helping you eat green and be green, stretch covers over leftovers, cans or around half-cut fruits & veggies.

Crystal clear
Hand-blown, cut and painted by Theriesenthal of Bavaria, this Papavero tumbler is inspired by Mughal depictions of poppies.

Let’s get shady
Skagerack’s weather-resistant outdoor umbrellas are built to withstand extreme sunlight, water and dew.

On every home chef’s bucket list
Prep, cook, serve, entertain, and cleanup in style with The Galley luxury workstation.

Pizza party
Step up your outdoor cooking game with the Dome, the latest professional-grade outdoor oven.

Fill up your bucket
For storage or stylish travel, this lightweight natural coloured bucket bag is handcrafted from sturdy, water-repellent Italian canvas.

Glorious comfort
A divinely adjustable seat for quick visits to your kitchen, garden, or a viewing stop on the winding road. Boasts impeccable design and inimitable Rolls-Royce craftsmanship.

Dashing deliverables
A gift-worthy, opulently illustrated double handled leather tray called Donna.

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