Bella Cucina Comes Alive

French Country

The signature beauty and charm of the French Riviera is expressed in an enchanting kitchen with a French-blue custom cooking suite, cabinetry, and matching appliances.

Mother of all tea caddies

This generous keepsake tin is bursting with 400 silky pyramid tea bags of the most famous brew—Royal Blend.


Vintage inspired and hand-blown

The founder has named this collection in honour of her grandmother, Estelle, who she describes as “a jewel of a person who instilled in me an appreciation of the pastime of treasure hunting for beautiful finds.”


Patterns from the sea

The design of these 24-karat bowls is inspired by the beautiful webbed form of the sea fan. Years of research into the organism’s structure resulted in the creation of these solid metal fruit bowls.


Time to sprout

Tiiun means “to sprout” in Korean, which makes it an ideal name for this indoor garden. The self-contained appliance has a weather control system that automatically adjusts the internal temperature and LED lighting to mimic the natural cycle of the day and create optimal growing conditions.


Handwoven with love

Created by women artisans in Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. Use to pick and display home grown produce.

Fresh and safe

With a built-in ice pack, these practical BPA-free bento boxes make it easy to pack your lunch and keep it cold for hours. Available in nine fun colours.


Integrated sous vide 

Gone are the days of overcooked steaks. Precision cooking…right on your cooktop. Just sear it on this 23,000 BTU Ultra-High burner for a tasty toasted crust.


Consistency is key 

A portable, hand-powered espresso maker that delivers the perfect shot with a dense crema layer. 


Everything bagel

A seasoning that promises to add some zing to your lunchtime.


How stirring

The Perfect Pot promises to do everything from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming.


Wash up in style
This joyous cotton tea towel set will add a splash of colour to kitchen and tableware settings.


Just the two of us

Cold-pressed within 90 minutes of harvesting by a master miller, these California olive oil work together to achieve the perfect balance.


Pitching in 

Rustically botanical with an earthy, old-fashioned feel, this jug sets the tone for shared summer meals in the garden.


Dark and cool

Mood lighting adds an atmospheric touch for late night snack cravings.


Sleek and sharp

Acadia wooden knifeblock with a powder coated carbon steel body. Includes six knives with German steel blades.


Earth friendly 

Tote fresh fruit and veg in these multi-sized, organic-cotton produce bags.


Here comes summer

Transform frozen bases into ice cream, sorbets or milkshakes at the touch of a button.


Sleek and airy

The medium and small brass ring air planter adds a touch of modern minimalism to any space. Indoors or out.


Chef quality pizza

A restaurant-grade dual fuel portable pizza oven fires up with the convenience of gas and the flavour of wood for the ultimate pizza experience.


Mr. Hedgehog 

Let the bristles of this adorable hedgehog brush take those bread crumbs away.


Sweet as honey 

Mess-free, these real honey drops are made in Canada without additives.


Cut it up

Steak knives that aren’t just for steaks! Saw-like, serrated blades make it easy to slice, cube or core with ease.


Cocktail hour

These oversized coasters, made from gemstones and 24K gold or silver, add more than a touch of class.


Go Italian tonight

With powerful and automatic mixing, kneading and extruding you’ll make a variety of pasta and noodles in minutes.

Your new evening ritual

Rooibos chai and cinnamon had a baby and you’re about to meet her.


Hot chocolate with a healthier twist

A mushroom hot chocolate mix to make your next warm drink more nourishing.


Timeless materials

The solidity of brushed Pietra Grey marble from Iran or Peltrox paired with the warmth of woods like black walnut or ash and sheets of liquid metal create a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere.


Drying it up

Cheery designs on this collection of cotton tea towels create a thoughtful hostess gift.


A little something extra

An umami-rich chili, miso and sesame oil based condiment often eaten with rice in Japan, which can also be used to top chicken, burgers, fish, eggs, potatoes, and more.


Cooking up a storm

A diverse, witty addition to your cookbook collection from Amanda Hesser, food columnist and founder of Food52. 


Preps and cooks

Simultaneously cooks your entrée, sides and dessert with 24 different cooking functions. An all-in-one appliance.


Fresh, fresh, fresh

A food storage system that allows you to store your groceries and meals using an exclusive technology to preserve flavours and nutrients. Prevents freezer burn and keeps food fresh up to five times longer.

Hot stuff

This exclusive and festive ugly sweater print dispenser is fully loaded with two 1.5 gallon pouches of sauce.


Holistic personal care

Each blend has a unique combination of herbs to support hormone balance and stress, detoxification, replenish minerals and keep your skin bright and glowy and hydrated.



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