Bella Cucina Goes elegant

5 Tips to get the Look

1) Turn to timeless classics for inspiration.
2) Accessorize strategically.
3) Less is more. Stay simple.
4) Try new things to combat monotany.
5) Don’t overcrowd your space.

Just beet it
This refreshing fruit and veg maté is packed with invigorating ingredients that’ll get any
party started—from sweet and succulent beetroot to nutrient-rich superfruits
such as goji and blackberries.

Clean cooking
These beautiful pots and pans resist damage and will never release harmful fumes,
even if you accidentally overheat your pan.

Set the scene
This stylish gold and black flat ware set, designed
by Pinti Inox, boasts a minimalist design and sophisticated dual finish.

Emerald green
Enhance any bouquet with this stunning crystal vase, hand-decorated
with a repeating diamond pattern.

Sixth sense
This smart water sensor will never let your house leak again.

Breakfast in bed
The easy-to-carry design of the Fionia tray by Skagerak is perfect for serving snacks
from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Six points of view
Start a conversation with the new illy art collection cappuccino cups.

Sip away
This set of six flutes by Bragagnolo Argenti has been specifically designed
for red wine tasting, as they keep wine at the optimal temperature.

Excess in pink
Created by renowned jewellery designer Ippolita Rostagno, this porcelain plate set
combines traditional floral Richard Ginori patterns with a quote from poet William Blake.

Diamond Dionysus
Splendidly hand-crafted out of mouth-blown crystal, this decanter is a masterpiece
that balances traditional and modern allure.

Ruby Red
Callebaut’s ruby chocolate offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally
new taste experience: not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness
and luscious smoothness.

Silver and gold
Imbue any room with a refined sense of movement with this Torciglione
gold bowl by Argenesi.

A “light” meal
Ideal for busy kitchens and frequent entertaining, these high-capacity Graviti mills
need refilling less often and have built-in LED lights for increased visibility.

Pie-ning for more
Featuring beautiful floral designs, this kitchenware collection will add vibrancy to
your home, cooking with charm to spare.

Chill out
This sophisticated ice bucket pairs matte-black enamel with the warmth of acacia wood,
and features sculptural tongs for picking up the cubes.

Berry nice
Featuring subtly shimmering tiles inspired by Parisian bistros, this ever-so-sweet
berry basket brings a chic touch to picnics and brunch.

Step it up
Reach for the sky with this handy step stool made from reclaimed chestnut wood.

Age-old classic
Hand-made in Italy, the Essentia cheese tray features a round silver plate with a
crystal dome for a look of traditional elegance.

Mix it up
Cranberry juice can take a hike. Sip with sophistication, always.

Suck it up
These Willy Wonka-esque glass straws are full of whimsy and come in four fun colours.

Propped up
Handmade in England, this rustic oak shelf is adjustable to accommodates all cookbook
sizes from tall 
to short, and thick to thin.

Rascally rabbits
Sneak through Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden with these classic rabbit and
cabbage oven mitts.

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