Bella Cucina goes outside

Inside out
With the classic look of white marble, Palm Shade has the ability to define the garden kitchen. It’s an elegant counter next to stainless steel barbecues.

5 Tips to get the look

1) Just breathe.

2) Think light, easy and airy.

3) Keep it as natural as possible.

4) Go for durable, built-to-last quality.

5) Blend outdoor spaces into nature.

So scrappy
Once your Bamboozie composter is full, you can carry it to the garden and then to the dishwasher, where it cleans up easily.

Dockside companion
Striking and poetic with an adjustable overhead light for outdoor spaces, this light with linear form echoes a blade of grass or a cottage fishing rod on the dock, terrace or patio.

Say it with flowers
Soft pinks, delicate greens, and peacock blues add charm to a veranda table when arranged in vases from Herbariae.

Home run
Each handmade ice cream scoop, licensed and crafted from an authentic MLB bat, tells the story of a great day at the ballpark.

Elegance returns
Functional, comfortable, light and versatile, Børge Mogensen’s classics offer optimal comfort.


Soft white and warm grey 
Pairing well with stainless steel cooktops, Midday works equally well next to neutral façades, tiling and stone or light wooden decking.

On the grill
Cook faster and healthier with this cylindrical barbecuing space saver that’s easy to clean.

Enchantedly elegant
Wedgwood’s whimsically playful Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Sandwich Tray sets the tone with its oriental inspired motifs.

Easy to tuck away
This side server plays host to a delightful, hand-turned wooden salad bowl.

Field of flowers
For salad or dessert, these sets beautify alfresco tableaus.

Watering wonder
The professional’s choice, the Warley is hot-dipped galvanized and boasts a long spout for reaching into deep flowerbeds.

Green thumbs
Smart box features help healthy herbs and veggies thrive year-round.

Dining out
Turn any outdoor environment into a liveable space that’s both functional and elegant.


Fresh and green
Huggy cups embrace half an avocado for longer freshness.

Garden cordials 
Made from elderberry flowers and a delicious berry syrup.

Unexpected tablescapes
This modern collection designed by Aurélien Barbry features different materials unified by subtle symmetry.

Heavenly hummingbirds 
Of limited edition, Wedgwood’s 15-Piece set with midnight blue backdrop is detailed with vivid flowers, hummingbirds and 22 carat gold accents.

Daisy, daisy
Designed to create a summertime mood and enhance positive vibes, these chairs are inviting, comfortable, and fun to look at.

Light up the night 
A cool sound lantern for an evening of music and entertaining when the sun goes down.

An artist capsule
Art meets food with these custom-blended, uniquely labeled oils.

Slow waves and rolling hills
A garden sofa that’s as soft and comfortable as the lawn itself.

Under the open sky
Whether from a scenic rooftop or your own backyard, AVITRUM fuses sculpted architectural design with fascinating materials and professional equipment.

Lipstick on the verandah
With its cheerful personality, this laid-back armchair is simply summer perfect.

Al fresco
These glamorous gilt pendants bring an art deco feel to a romantic outdoor room.

Just add glitter 
Make outdoor cocktails sparkle with edible vegan glitter dust.

Firewood nest
Enjoy the warmth of the fire and storage at the same time.

Get knotted
What started as an experiment with tubular knitting, ended with a
knot pillow that’s not like any other.

Slumber pouf
Soft and flexible, it forms to the body as you lounge on the patio.

Smoke, sear and slow cook
These built-in grills can be seamlessly integrated into your dream outdoor culinary area.

Seed bombs
Simply drop or plant each ball in your backyard, flower pot or vacant lot and voila… perennial wildflowers.

Shrimp on the barbie
Narrow curved blades slip easily under soft or hard shells for de-veining or cracking.

String me along
Add illumination and ambiance whether you’re off the grid or in the heart of the city.

Hot and clean 
Fogo lights quickly, lasts longer and leaves food with the lingering taste of oak wood.

Catch all
This sturdy, perforated basket makes tossing easier and stops pieces of food falling into the fire.

Beast in a barrel 
Up your game and unleash your inner grill master with perfectly cooked food every time.

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