Bella Cucina welcomes Spring

Architecturally inspired
Satin-finished stainless steel is cut, polished by hand and customized to create functional, ergonomic outdoor kitchens.


Spring in a cup
Cherry blossoms meld with organic tart cherries, fragrant flowers, and green tea in the Hanami Collection. Savour the specialness of the season.


Leather repair
Bring aged leather back to life with old-world-inspired deep conditioning products.


Squeeze me
This juicer is not only strikingly designed, but surprisingly functional
with its long legs tall enough to fit your glass underneath.


Pastry Art
Caramel shortbread cookies by Dinara Kasko, a Ukranian baker and media personality known for using 3D printing in her baking.


Bold and black
These hand poured floral candles are layered with love and inspiration—and have a charming story to tell.


Pitch in
With 19th century inspired patterns, this water or milk jug perfectly complements a well-dressed table.


Made in Prince Edward Island from superb quality, gleaming stainless steel.


Plate it
The world famous Portuguese ceramics industry comes alive again in this revitalized collection.


Countertop composting
Until you transfer, this discreet wooden compost bin will hold your organic waste in style.

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Bella Cucina loves summertime

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