Bella Cucina welcomes Spring

Cooling station
A compact stainless steel block that hosts a small sink, a refrigerator, an ice cube maker and a wall unit for storage.


Ivy Rose loves Charlene-Grace
The Majestic Collection is designed to be unique and colourful with four sets of stemware glasses for Champagne, white wine, red wine, or mixed cocktails.

Bird bowl
Made of terracotta and decorated with a hand-painted bird-and-flower motif in vivid hues.

Let them eat cake
100% food grade silicone pastry mould for the finest romantic treats.


A “Lazy Sunday” puzzle
The bagel-and-schmear is tripping out. The carbs are tie dyed. You’re not certain, but the deli pickle might have just said hello. Polychromic, hypnotic, and over-the-top, this is piece it together as a family at its finest.


Concealed magnets hold knives against a reclaimed timber bar, keeping them sharp and within reach.


Fire away
A relaxed approach to igniting wood. Enjoy the natural aroma of Rosemary and a warm summer blaze with these pine cone-shaped wax fire starters.


Farflung destinations
The Chinese town of Xiaolan, known for its annual chrysanthemum festival, inspired the vibrant floral design of this lidded bone-china bowl.


Because I love eggs!
An eggsellent way to save time in the morning, this tiny electric cooker can quickly cook your eggs three different ways; poached, hard-boiled or omelette.

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Fashion marries fine art

Partners in life and their company but independently talented, Draga Obradovic and Aurel Basedow began their journey by reinventing vintage furniture and objects in their own style.

Liquid assets goes playful

Wrap them up kid-friendly and fun, these super-soft bath towels with cute animal hoods capture a child’s imagination.

As you like it…

In a setting of six and a half acres of tranquil, manicured grounds just steps across the lawn from the renowned Stratford Festival theatre and the historic town, The Bruce, owned by Jennifer Birmingham is a lovely local surprise.

The meandering epicurist

Gran Cru Deli A sip of Equinoxe Crozes-Hermitage, startled me with its atypical acidity, savoury notes of olive set off by white pepper. A lovely, quirky, unexpected find. Much like Grand Cru Deli where I tasted this intriguing wine with

Embracing the stillness

Seeing A-listers and TIFF attendees chilling at this go-to-spa during the film festival is almost guaranteed, Stillwater Spa is just the ticket.

Favourite Things

Weisman’s two-seater electric roadster’s backwards looking design and futuristic power train is expected by 2024 in Europe.