Big Things Come in Small Packages

Size matters when it comes to building a well-equipped kitchen in a small space. After all, what’s a man cave, party room, ‘granny flat’ or cottage bunkie without all the conveniences of home?

By Mark Eglington

hf-mark3The brainchild of Doug, my ever-efficient father—a northern Ontario cottage lifer who believes that even the smallest piece of real estate should be put to good use—the Kompakt Kitchen delivers a stylish suite of built-in appliances that fit nicely into a six- or eight-foot space.

At first, we didn’t believe he could do it…a one-stop mini-kitchen that was stylish, sleek and multi-purpose for city or country use. Could our appliance guru, who’d spent his career selling larger-than-life European appliances, really fit a fridge–freezer, television, telescoping range hood, sink and faucet, induction cooktop, washer–dryer combo, dishwasher and speed oven into a single, stylish unit?

Meet the Kompakt Kitchen
Well, look who’s having the last laugh! Doug actually did it and, if I do say so myself, it’s a winner. A nice little extra that’s worth another pat on the back: This whole unit (before tax) starts at $7,500.

hf-mark1Redefining efficiency
Doug’s small-but-mighty Kompakt Kitchens are perfect for saving space and energy. Designed in Canada and equipped with six stylish European appliances, his mini-kitchens are fabulously functional. They’re even being used in office lunch rooms, garages and small businesses where there isn’t the space or the need for a full kitchen. After all, who needs the look of grandma’s clunky old second-hand energy guzzlers, even if they’re free?

In a six- or eight-foot space, the Kompakt Kitchen features the following appliances: A super-quiet Porter & Charles compact energy-efficient dishwasher, undermounted sink and modern faucet, sharply responsive two-burner induction cooktop and 24-inch fully integrated Liebherr fridge–freezer with ample storage space. Also included is a state-of-the-art Porter & Charles speed oven, which has the versatility and convenience of being both a microwave and convection oven, and a 24-inch, built-in, telescopic, glide-
out range hood with two speeds and LED lighting. In the eight-foot units, buyers can also choose to include a Porter & Charles high-efficiency washer and dryer.

Fabulously functional
Whether you’re creating an extra spot for entertaining, renting out or helping an older adult live independently or a young couple starting out in a basement, think affordable and reliable, rather than using old, less energy-efficient, behemoth appliances.

The Kompakt Kitchen can help convert basement suites into rental units and laneway garages into liveable homes. It’s a winner. Thanks, Dad.

Mark Eglington is the son of a South African who taught him how to sell the very best European appliances to Canadians. He grew up in Oakville, got his MBA in Australia and, along the way, interned at the Liebherr factory in Germany.

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