Who says that goosebumps are caused by the cold?

As a child, were you always the first one out in the snow with your winter sports gear? Even if a few years have elapsed, there is still no reason for this to change. The glorious, breathtaking white landscape is not the only motivation. There is also the urge to have fun and the prospect of experiencing sporty driving on snow and ice from a completely new perspective: that of the driver’s seat, which is the exact aim of the Porsche Ice Experience. 

How to put a Porsche on ice

In Montreal, I joined a group of Porsche enthusiasts having a great deal of fun, while being pushed to their limits. As well as enhanced driving pleasure, the training team’s focus was on improving all of our driving skills in extreme winter conditions. Always under the guidance of our qualified instructors, of course.

Adredaline-fuelled driving pleasure, Ice-covered circuits, and lots of curves of course. To keep moving both safety and sportily under extreme winter condition, we needed accurate breaking invasive manoeuvres and controlled drift. We learned to handle the track in a calm, contemplated way, however much we prepared for the experience it’s still got our pulse racing. Lessons learned: There are no limits to what you can achieve behind the wheel of a Porsche. Whatever winter training you opt for, one thing is guaranteed: pure unadulterated driving pleasure. 

Take up the challenge and shift up a gear this winter. 

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