Switch it up for summer

By Edilka Anderson

Warmer weather’s here and so is the sun. Indeed, it’s been a challenging year for most of us and, with summertime on the horizon and the season changing, it’s time to switch it up and have some fun.

This is the time of year where you feel more energetic and want to spend time indoors and outdoors sprucing things up and enjoying the longer days out in the garden.

There are plenty of new possibilities are endless for upping your game when it comes to décor.  Pillows, curtains, throws, and bedding can add a ‘brighter the better’ feel that can help break everyone who sees them out of the pandemic blues.

Having fresh flowers in summer and fruit baskets as accents is a tried-and-true way of creating a fresh, more natural atmosphere. Expect to find floral patterns wherever you look these days…. They’re back in style in a both fashion and home décor.

Since we can’t see our friends and family inside like we used to it just might be time to host intimate outdoor dinners and foster a more romantic atmosphere for just you and yours.  When the sun goes down, setting even the most basic of tables with beautiful plates and glasses, candles and decorative fairy lights on surrounding paths and hedges will go a long way towards setting the mood.

A personal favourite for me is changing up pictures, wall hangings, stools and accessories. A colourful stool, a wall hanging, or a unique garden statue might be able to take your patio or balcony from average to memorable. And what about a bold sofa or modern dining table to add a pop to a traditional home?

Don’t hold back. The pictures you choose say a lot as well – think energetic, passionate and even a little edgy for summer. After all, that’s what’ll get the conversation going.


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