Tis the Season for New Décor

By Edilka Anderson

Many of us enjoy the festivities and playful decorations that come along with annual events like Halloween, child’s birthday party, or New Year’s Eve celebrations. We get creative, pull traditional favourites out of the storage boxes and delve into magazines, Pinterest and Instagram to discover this year’s latest trends.

Decorating the house for any special occasion or seasonal transition can be exciting and a great way to that either brings out our hidden design talents, or our pocket books when help from a design pro is needed.  

Creating a stylish new look that’s here one month and gone the next is what I like to call a “quickie design refresh”. Similar to a retail store window front, home décor has become more design forward with experts suggesting that we switch things up in our homes, and cottages to better enjoy Canada’s four magical seasons.

Areas that will give you the most impact when you’re pulling together a new look include:  tableware such as glasses, and dishes; linens, décor pillows, throws, as well as the addition of easy to move furniture such as stools or benches.

Moving around statement pieces such as Art work and collectables are a wonderful way to achieve the ” quickie design refresh”. Say good-bye to same old same old, if it feels tired. Or mix old and new for something a little different.

Liven up an area with fresh flowers.  It really doesn’t have to be traditional red poinsettias and holly for Christmas, white lilies for Easter or daffodils and tulips for spring. Be bolder. Today’s florists and garden centres have a seemingly endless variety of different blooms and plants that’ll add flair quickly and without much fuss.

When temperatures drop consider warmer colours and tones in your space. Decorate your door or mantle to match your theme. Then switch it all up again when you’re ready for a spring design fling using lighter, brighter fabrics and seasonal accessories. 

You’d be amazed at the difference a little time and effort makes when it comes to falling in love with your home and entertaining spaces all over again. It’s well worth it for the lift it will give your spirit, your friends and family and your joie de vivre.

My 5 “must do’s

  1. Design is personal. Don’t be afraid to be bold and showcase your unique style
  2. Build around favourites and “must have” pieces
  3. Look for multi-use pieces that add seasonal value
  4. Statement pieces can be fun and frivolous
  5. Ask for help from a designer, decorator or stager.

Visit the fearless interior design team at KARE Toronto to help you get started. Karedesign.ca


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