Bella Cucina Loves Summer

5 Tips to get the look: 

  • Open up to the outdoors
  • Think fresh and bright
  • Clear up clutter
  • Design for large windows
  • Choose a European look

Oak salad bowl
A serving bowl with a cool design and base plate in solid oak,
perfect for salad, fruit or side dishes. 

Red aster revival
This handmade bone china jar is from an everyday classic collection created
by Swedish industrial designer Stig Lindberg in the early ’70’s.

Pizza party 
Bring family and friends together for wood-fired meals that
are restaurant quality and ready in minutes.

Sharpen up
Opt for this Diamond tungsten steel carbide ceramic sharpener to put the
edge back on your kitchen tools.

Let’s get rolling
With a flat top for canister stacking and easy large grip opening, this stylish bread
bin will keep loaves, bagels and muffins fresh.

Vintage distress 
The original look of this piece from the 1965 Vintage cookware collection makes
it a stylish addition to your collection.

Tea time with Emma
Past meets present with this lacquered stainless vacuum tea jug
called Emma. A singletwist closes the inbuilt smart filter which ends the brewing
process when tea gets to the correct strength.

Kusmi tea
Treat yourself to an exceptional tea from the range developed
by Kusmi Tea! For 150 years Kusmi Tea has been offering
the world the finest in high quality tea blends.

Gyutoh knife
These coveted knives are manufactured in the tradition of the ancient masters,
who once produced the finest Japanese swords.

No more avo hand
Avocados are cut, de-stoned and sliced all in one with
this clever three-in-one tool.

Let’s get saucy
Available in a variety of sizes, these non-stick pans have high, straight sides and
smaller surface areas to hold heat well and limit evaporation. Ideal for
heating liquids, making sauces and reheating.

Cutting edge
Made in Sweden from natural Tärnsjö leather, this chef’s sleeve stores
a coveted classic Mora knife collection.

Melted heaven
We love cheesy fondue. Made from cast iron, this easy to clean set will
keep your fondue warmer longer.

Everyday beautiful
Born from a single piece of European beech, this ergonomic spice mill has a sharp,
best-in-class crush and grind mechanism.

Blue marble
This elegant teapot will elevate a simple afternoon
break to a special ritual.

Unlocking hidden nutrition
Advanced smart technology, combined with the 2.3 horsepower motor,
turbo extractor blades and exclusive cyclonic action break down the cell walls
of the food making the nutrients more bioavailable. You can even add your
favourite veggies and make soup.

Mouthwatering possibilities
This beautiful 4 quartz Dutch oven features a polished stainless steel body and
hammered copper lid. A perfect statement piece that
easily transitions from stove to tabletop.

For connoisseurs
The first automated, temperature-controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and
preservation system for the home. Choose the right wine and enjoy just the right amount.


Gather & Graze
By Stephanie Izard and Rachel Holtzman

Craveable flavour and knockout food pairings from Chicago’s rock star chef Stephanie Izard, the first female Top Chef winner. Izard’s clamour worthy cookbook has more than 100 recipes and photographs that hit all of the right notes.

Tapas: And Other Spanish Plates to Share 
By Ryland Peters & Small

Traditionally served as bar snacks with a glass of sherry or a cold beer, tapas dishes have become a firm favorite thanks to its wide variety and versatility. Whether you are serving an appetizer before a meal, enjoying small bites with drinks or going all out and filling the table with multiple dishes to feast on, there is no bad time to indulge in these flavour-filled dishes.

5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food
By Jamie Oliver

Jamie keeps it super-simple. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, that’s why Jamie’s 5 Ingredients—Quick & Easy Food is sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen.

Every recipe uses just five key ingredients, ensuring you can get a meal together fast, and has been tried and tested (and tested again!) to ensure the book is packed with no-fuss dishes that you can rustle up any day of the week.

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