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To celebrate our anniversary, we’re delighted to unveil our sleek new “HF” moniker and a fresh look and feel for our print, mobile and digital editions that makes our content easier to explore and engage with.

As a design and lifestyle magazine that’s been around for several decades, with more than 100 issues to our credit, Homefront’s editors continue to look forward by redefining the content our readers have always loved, in a way that aligns with how people are—and will be—enjoying our publication. We’ll continue to inspire with leading-edge interior design, curated travel experiences, and a look at the most coveted products and services from around the world.

We’re proud of the exclusivity of our brand and appreciative of our world-class columnists, legendary hoteliers and talented trendsetters who allow us to share their stories with you.

So, we’re thrilled to launch our redesign with HF’s Summer 2019 issue, which features a clean, thoughtful layout and new approach to your reader experience. A big shout-out to our dedicated design, production and sales teams, who have creatively brought this modern and innovative concept to life.

Let us know what you think, and join us in making 2019 the best summer ever!

Caroline Tapp-McDougall,



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