Favourite Things

Look over there!

Completely remodelled in 2018, Crystal Peak Lookout is now an immersive deep-forest getaway for adventurous couples. Surrounded by 13 wooded acres, you’ll find yourself sharing the sunset view with mountain bluebirds in the tree tops, gazing at the starlit skies while an owl calls from its neighbouring perch, and if you’re lucky, waking up to the occasional passing moose.


The Midas touch

Using polished gold-hued metal, Tom Dixon transforms domestic archetypes into monumental heavyweight sculptures.


Just hanging out

The organically shaped pod by Nomadic Resorts discretely integrates the surrounding landscape so naturally, that it resembles a human nest, floating above the forest floor. At night, lit up, it transforms into a romantic lantern floating in the darkness – a perfect place to cuddle up. 


Pause and regenerate

Ethimo and Marco Lavit in this way rework large outdoor spaces with Hut, a new dimension of comfort that conveys unprecedented sensations of warmth and ‘protection’.


Feeling salty?

In the endless white of the Uyuni Salt Flat, Travesía Atacam is a journey meant for deep immersion and discoveries from destination to destination and everywhere in between.


Lovely as a lily

Lilypad Palm Beach is a luxurious floating villa, bringing resort style comforts to the most tranquil of settings. 


 Beauty and brains

The perfect spot to admire the outdoors in any weather and with the utmost comforts and technology, right at your fingertips.





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This elephant never forgets

A sister for its much-loved namesake on Nantucket, the White Elephant Palm Beach is a lovely reincarnation of the famous Bradley Park Hotel from the 1920s.

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