Favourite Things

Geothermal bliss
Coming soon to Charlevoix, Quebec, the world’s largest geothermal lagoon.


Guides to follow
The strong natural energy of the animal is immortalized by Marcantonio in these LED floor lamps with crystals. He imagines the deer moving proudly in a forest creating a magical glow in the night.


Everyday bulletproof
Inspired by the United State’s 100+ daily firearm fatalities, this line of bullet-resistant loungewear is hand-crafted from heavy duty kevlar and lined with bullet proof body plates.
David López Osuna, designboom.com


Out of this world
A 735-foot-tall replica of the Moon planned for Dubai features a lux resort, plus special experiences meant to replicate a visit to Earth’s satellite.


Life in our minds
From an experimental art collective simulating flocking of a small group of Boids that take the shape of 3D bird origami objects, ‘Mother Flock’ is the newest NFT project from Random International and Danil Krivoruchko.


Celebrate the child within
This cute bear by Kay Bojesen is made of natural oak and maple and makes the perfect gift.

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Wines to snuggle up with

Get ready for winter fun in a bottle with these big beauties.  Louis Roederer Brut Rosé Champagne 2015, Champagne A.C., France (LCBO: 368415, $119.95). Louis Roederer is a full-bodied and complex Champagne with floral and bright red berry aromas. Dry

Happily haunted…

Inside the old servant’s quarters at the Merrill House, there’s more than just a spooky presence, there’s a history of unusual sightings.  Said to be frequently visited by the ghosts of several young children and the infamous Marchioness of Lorne,

Swimming in the sea

I’m often asked what I consider to be the most luxurious place or brand in the world. I usually skirt the question, not wanting to favour one brand or destination over its equally worthy competitor. As they say, beauty is

Bella Cucina takes it up a notch

Majestically doneWith endless design possibilities to suit any taste and space demands, Störmer has earned itself a solid reputation not only in Germany, but around the globe for custom high-quality engineered kitchens.onixliving.ca 5 Tips to Get The Look: 1) Think

The unseen west: From the Rockies to the Red Rocks

I travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer from Moab-to Denver in a restored 1950’s era CN rail car. With overnight stays at either end of the journey at Utah’s Lodge at Blue Sky and the Ritz Carlton Denver. A golden eagle

Keeping up with the…

By Mark Eglington A peacock fluffs his feathers and a lion flaunts his mane, so why not hold your head high and take credit where credit is due when it comes to showing off your latest kitchen renovation. After all,