Sous vide…

Consistently, the most tender, flavourful food you’ll ever have

By Mark Eglington

Pronounced “sue-veed” and meaning “under vacuum” in French, sous vide is pure cooking that produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other method.

Once a behind-the-scenes technique used by chefs to guarantee precision results, cooking sous vide seals ingredients, marinades and seasons in a vacuum bag and cooks them in water to a precise temperature. The secret lies not only in vacuum sealing meat, fish or vegetables in sous vide bags but in the subtle heat generated during the process.

No more overcooking

AEG Sous-Vide Steam Pro Oven-BSK892330M

Now, for discerning home cooks, the latest German cooking technology makes professional quality sous vide cooking easier and more accessible. With a built-in sous vide function that skips the awkward heated water bath, AEG Steam Ovens offer a variety of cooking options that guarantee mouth-watering results. Simply put, you get the same outcomes professional chefs have been getting for years—the exact level of doneness all the time and food that’s moist, juicy and tender because it’s cooked in its own juices to preserve aromas, nutrients and flavours. Plus, there is no risk of the usual shrinkage or dried out food that comes with other cooking methods.

It’s as easy as 1,2 3! By just following these simple steps using an AEG SteamPro or only the SteamPro will cook sous vide. That helps you effortlessly get expert sous vide cooking results. Step #1: Vacuum seal ingredients in a plastic bag. Step #2. Place the food in your SteamPro oven. Step #3. Select the on-screen sous vide icon “SV” and select one of three desired cooking modes: Heat, Steam or Combo (which automatically calculates exactly the right combination of heat and steam) and press start.

Every meal should be an experience
Not only does sous vide cooking help to consistently guarantee incredible tasting meals, without a loss of flavour, moisture or precious nutrients, but also your family’s meals will be healthier every time.

For over 15 years, Mark Eglington has been passionate about European-manufactured best-in-class appliances. By day, he is the President of Canadian-owned Euro-Line Appliances; by night he’s perfecting his cooking skills.

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