Vivi la experiencia

Vivi la experiencia

Named for the river that flows into Lake Naheul Huapi, Patagonia’s 100 plus year-old Correntoso Lake and River Hotel, still has an adventurous young soul.

Built in 1917 by Primo Caparo and Rosa Maier to welcome the first explorers, Correntoso, the oldest hotel in Argentina, is family-owned and privately located between the breathtaking Los Andres Mountain Range and the National Park.  Each picture, item of furniture, ornament and decoration here tells countless stories, shares memories and passes on age-old traditions.

With 47 accommodation options including rooms, suites and newly built townhouse villas, you can choose to wake up overlooking the lake, have a glass of local wine watching a magical sunset and fall asleep listening to the river.

Known as a picture-perfect four-season destination in Neuquen Province, at the Northern end of Patagonia the landmark resort is but a stone’s throw from the vibrant city of the same name. (Neuquen is one of Argentina’s fastest growing cities with vigorous commercial activities, fabulous restaurants and high-spirited nightlife.)

When Correntoso turns white, snow rackets come out on Bayo Hill and the hotel’s Snowmen prep their guests’ skis for a day on the slopes. And, imagine riding off into the valleys on what the guides call the Patagonian Steppe horse-riding tour at any time of year.

In spring and summer try your luck at fly-fishing on the Limay river or setting sail for an afternoon of kayaking on the Espejo’s crystalline waters that run beside the fairytale forests.

Other guest activities include walking The Old Path to Chile, which departs northwestwards across the old frontier used by early settlers. The four-hour trek takes explorers through forested areas of native Nire, Coihue and Radal trees, across the Los Coihues stream, and over La Rana Stream Bridge, known as the bride of the whispers.

Time at the Herbal Hamman and spa is also pure magic on a secret piece of the riverfront where scents of the mountain herbs and lush forests meet the sounds of water crossing the ancient river stones.

It’s safe to say, Correntoso’s relaxed family atmosphere, sense of place and elegant traditional charm make it just the place to escape to after months of lockdown.