Liquid Assets goes natural

No need to leave your own garden!

Whether you’re seeking a warming addition to your wellness regime, or dreaming about a restorative heat session après ski, surf, or outdoor adventure, there’s nothing like your own personal sauna! People around the world have long celebrated the cleansing and spiritual rituals associated with heat bathing.

5 tips to get the look

  1. Bring in nature.
  2. Use a big mirror for an open and airy look.
  3. Put in a waterfall shower.
  4. Try a wood or timber accent wall.
  5. Customize a floating shower bench.

Hot as a rock

Stone naturally retains heat, so you’ll be able to enjoy longer warm baths without having to worry about water wastage or additional heating.

Light up your life

Grand and romantic, this chandelier sets the mood with its eclectic, contemporary, design.

A sweet little bundle

Microplastic free, this kit comes in a vegan leather bag that’s great for travelling!

Alaska Glacial Mud

A gentle detoxifying mask that exfoliates and softens skin with 60 nourishing ingredients.


Made of Cristalmood, a material that combines technology and tradition, this free-standing sink glows.

A symphony of protection

Defend skin from stress and blue light radiation for a clearer, smoother complexion.

Face food

Address aging without toxins, preservatives, parabens, chemicals, or fragrances. Gluten free, vegan, no animal testing.

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Shampoo

Strengthen & revitalize your locks while calming and soothing your scalp. A combination of botanical extracts, including Aloe Vera, Frankincense, Turmeric, Sage, Hops, and Chamomile. This Vegan-Friendly Complex delivers salon-quality results without harsh chemicals.

Power and beauty

Poetic textures and minimalist design, capture the light and movement of water, in this bold new collection of faucets and accessories called Reflet (French for “reflect”).

Nourish. Protect. Play.

Expertly formulated with plant-sourced oils and restorative botanicals, using sophisticated extraction techniques and delivery systems.

Blue bliss

Sublimely concentrated using Blue Tansy, Marula, Shea and Cacao Butter, Baobab, Yangu and essential oils.

Tone and texture

A fruit stem cell complex with super antioxidants created to boost dermal vitality.

Soft and spa-licious

These lightweight, minimalist towels textured with a honeycomb weave will make your bathroom look and feel like a fancy spa.

Potently anti-aging

Carrot and cranberry seeds are blended with chardonnay grapeseed oils to deliver miraculously healthier skin.

Vegan friendly

Massage sore muscles and soothe irritated skin with this hand-crafted blend of medicinal herbs.

New best friend

This French lavender and cedarwood blend is a go-to soak for better sleep and a brighter mood.

Pure genius

Breathe easy with Rowenta’s newly launched app that connects their air purifier to your smartphone so you can effortlessly track the air quality in your home.

Whispering wisteria

Create a spa at home with this handmade soaker tub and romantic wallpaper to fit the mood.

Fresh feet

A silky foot powder made to control foot odour soothe irritation and keep feet feeling dry and refreshed.

Floral green and woody

A highest quality fragrance that knows no gender.

Love at first mist

Wave goodbye to harsh, goopy hand sanitizers and hello to lightweight, derm-tested Power Mist packed with good-for-you ingredients.

Open concept

Plain, and easily integrated, Able has personality, sturdiness, a lower storage shelf and a choice of Scarabeo washbasins.

Radical relief

Turmacin meets full-spectrum hemp powder extract CBD to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility.

Restore brittle hair

An organic shampoo that lifts away dirt and grime without stripping hair of its natural oils.

Problem skin?

Dr. Bronner’s has a solution with fragrance of organic essential oils. Completely biodegradable.

Ask a dentist

Try this mint flavoured toothpaste and mouthwash. Made with botanical extracts and essential oils for optimal oral hygiene.

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