Liquid Assets goes peaceful

Blushing dawn
Light, natural materials and living plants can come together to transform a bathroom into a sanctuary of beauty, serenity and purification.

5 ways to get the look:

1) Declutter with baskets.
2) Roll and display your towels.
3) Get a pretty bath caddy.
4) Add portable speakers.
5) Place mirrors by your windows or light fixtures.


Effortlessly optimistic
A warm, woody fragrance featuring notes of palo santo, almond, tonka bean and vanilla in a convenient travel-friendly rollerball.


Fields of green
Bring in a little nature by playing with natural lighting and colourful tiles.


Precious metals  
Glazed in genuine 24k gold, platinum, and of course, silver, in honour of the company’s silver anniversary, ancient methods are used to create beautiful metallic glazes over handmade pottery.


Après golf
The Golf line’s trace elements of zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese
and iron accelerate cell replacement and toning.


Sicilian lemons  
Handy size with extra rich and perfumed formula that  features bergamot, white tea, mandarin zest and grapefruit.


Wrinkles be gone
All the benefits of a microcurrent treatment packed into a petite, portable, and powerful device for skin smoothing and tightening.


Twice as nice in white  
Perfect for sticky spills the Braava jet m6 navigates around objects and under furniture to deliver fresh, clean floors throughout the entire home.


Wash day bundle
Great for curlies, coilies and tight textures when curls need a hit of glorious, moisture-rich wash hydration.


Pink soufflé  
This whipped formula is infused with pore-perfecting niacinamide, clarifying kaolin and bentonite clays alongside brightening dragon fruit and coconut oil.


Take a moment
This natural botanical beverage lets you drink up the good stuff.


Wake up before you makeup
Collagen boosting crème with powerful vitamin C to instantly targets fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces dark circles over time.


Scent of Drake
Drake’s candle line kicks off with a scent series including Sweeter Tings, Good Thoughts, Muskoka, and the brand’s inaugural scent, Carby Musk—
the rapper’s favourite.


Packed with non-toxic organic cranberry seed oil, this kids’ sunscreen has soft, moisturizing ingredients rich in antioxidants.


Soaking relief 
A natural white crystal, harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel, where the concentration of minerals is the highest. Bokek Dead Sea Salt has benefits all on its own.



Up, up, and away
A perfect touch of whimsy to stir up a minimalist design.


Gentle dirt melter
On contact with water, it transforms from a buttery balm into a deep cleansing milk that gently erases makeup and sunscreen. 


Goodbye frizzy
A sulfate-free daily shampoo formulated with nourishing oils to moisturize and tame hard-to-manage hair.


Nude and improved
Sheet masks infused with vitamin C, eye gels packed with caffeine, lip gels filled with green tea extract.


A little goes a long way
Hemp seed oil is a skincare super weapon with omega fats and antioxidants. 


Italian gems
Canvas and leather signature cosmetic pouch with tiny treats. 


Ridiculously soft  
Made with all-natural and certified organic ingredients, this concentrated shampoo bar delivers a deep, nourishing clean with rich lather.


Orange peel plus
Vivid orange-coloured exfoliating scrub, with extracts of rhubarb
and Peruvian bark that’s intoxicating. 


Hey mister
Say hello to the first touchless SPF mist for timeless skin.


Man up
Formulated with nourishing, hydrating hemp oil and invigorating and toning coffee extract to cleanse.


7 days a week  
Discover all seven flavours of Marvis’ creamy, refreshing toothpaste in this convenient, airport approved-approved travel set.





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