Liquid Assets Welcomes Spring

Infinity experience

Inspired by Japanese forest bathing, this fill from the bottom spa-like bath offers lights, fog and aromas.

Limited edition

This sublime crystal jar by Wanders, Baccarat and Decorté preciously holds AQ high-performance meliority intensive cream at its heart. There were only 999 bottles available worldwide, each with it’s own serial number.


Jam packed goodness

A rich fruity scent with bergamot and champagne called Evelyn.


Fight brainfog

A unisex fragrance supplement that invigorates mental energy and boosts focus, using a patented olfactory technology.

Body wise

A fragrant and moisturizing body cream to restore your body and mind with a comforting, rich aroma of luscious olives.


Italian high performance

Lapitec slabs are 100 per cent natural and offer elegant threaded full body veining.


Prairie proud

Inspired by the past and the plants of the prairies these natural skin and body care products are handmade.


Blood red magic

This face plumping thorn oil is red in its bottle, soft blush in the dropper and entirely colourless on the skin.


The smarter way to shower

A wifi enabled circular shower that saves up to 80 per cent water and energy with 2xs the flow rate.


Reducing waste 

Help save the planet with this reuse-able, recyclable, magnetic pressed paper compact for blushes, shadows and bronzers.


Top down

A creamy balancing shampoo to combat everyday abuse.


Bringing in nature

A rain can showerhead with canopy spray and built-in light brings the experience of nature to the inside space.


Potent peptides 

This easily absorbed gel serum delivers concentrated plant peptides and botanicals to diminish the appearance of fine lines and Wrinkles.


Fragrance on the run

These individually scented tablets have a rich, fruity scent with bergamot and champagne for wallets, pockets or packages.


Master mosaicists

From custom work to branded collections, each mosaic is handmade by artisans using precious materials like sea glass, rose quartz and pearl.


Twice as nice 

Experience maximum efficacy and versatility with these easy mix and match creams.


Bucket list

AirDresser steams, sanitizes, deodorizes and dries—all while taking up just a bit of closet space.


Chill pill

A blend of terpenes and cannabinoids work together in our broad spectrum 02 CBD gummies to achieve a balanced, soothing effect.


Head to toe  

This men’s  collection is packed with the goodies needed to keep your beard, hair, face and sensitive areas in check.

Chaga, maca and cacao…

Hot cacao with a side of adaptogens eases stress, while the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg envelop the taste buds in a comforting hug. Just mix with milk.


Nighty night

For the ultimate beauty sleep, slip into detox mode with this silk sleeping mask.



Add elegance to your skincare ritual with the extraordinary life force of the Rose de Granville in the Dior Prestige collection.


Zero calories, zero sugar 

Just add a scoop to your post-exercise water bottle.


Facial acupressure 

Inspired by ancient Chinese medicine techniques, this tool eases and softens the look of tension with a light to medium touch.


Ripe fig and jasmine 

A candle that smells like sunshine. Enjoy a splash of juicy red currant and sparkling orange zest, layered with earthy vetiver, creamy sandalwood, and a sweet wave of amber.


Just like quicksand
A groundbreaking formulation that adds volume to hair, absorbs excess oil and adds texture with zero weight.

Gently does it

Try this microfibre bundle of small towels to absorb water faster. Designed to help reduce hair breakage, snags and frizz.


Looking good

This genuine hide on hair frame features an exotic leopard print.




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