Bella Cucina goes active

Haute cuisine
Monforte presents its secret recipe: original without being extravagant, rich without ostentation, practical and efficient without being banal.

5 ways to get the look:
Eliminate wasted steps.
2) Design wide walkways.
3) Organize items within reach.
4) Use light colours in small areas.
5) Make recycling easy.

Beautifully crafted with textured surfaces and exceptional weights,
this signature melamine dinnerware makes a great gift.

Gilded Dahlia
Handcrafted to create a bloom of multiple delicate petals and then covered
with gold.

A connoisseur’s cabinet 
A secret place that opens to reveal a useful collection of wine tools, conjuring up memories of wine-tasting sessions amongst friends, strolling through the vines and lingering visits to winegrowers.

Pour it on
Crafted in three colourways, these art-glass oil pourers are Greek-inspired.

Shake it up
Everything you need to be your own mixologist, mustache, optional.



Snip, snip
Cut down on how much you need to pack with a pair of Coleman 12-In-1 Camp Scissors.

Falling in love
Delicate, bright, and almost romantic, this Beluga kitchen layout seems to be inspired by spring.

Think pink
This beautiful, pink-hued latte glass from not Netural has an angular and modern shape.

Simple is best
These beautiful and simple trays come in three sizes and are perfect for serving guests.

Worthy of a queen
Named for Danish royalty, Margrethe bowls epitomize the form and function of mid-century Danish design.

French tarts
A professional-quality tools-kit to bring out your inner tartmaker.

Bike baskets for a cause
Made by artisans in West Africa, the sale of these durable elephant grass carry-alls help reduce economic migration and poverty.

British hardwood
Savour the beautifully preserved grain of these wooden fruit bowls in solid ash.

Uncompromisingly gourmet
European style that embodies cooking performance for home chefs who appreciate sophisticated living.


Black Orchid 
Gothic, opiated, lush, and smoldering—like the dark, velvety atmosphere of a luxurious evening.

Bento to go
An all-in-one design that offers mess-free transport of soup, stew, cereal and more so you can enjoy a delicious meal just about anywhere.

Simply sharper
Forged by hand, Kasumi knives are beveled at a 15° angle creating a very sharp edge for sashimi.

Green with envy
Seemingly defying gravity, the Alfredo Vase in unique light green glass is a striking piece of work with or without flowers.

Edible Bouquet 
An award-winning dish from Kathyrn Ferries, the Sous-Chef at Stofa.

Salt and pepper
Organic wooden mills optimize the flavour of rock salt or peppercorns for outdoor chefs.

Pick me up
A uniquely designed espresso machine made from hand-cast concrete shell.

Light my fire 
Housed in traditional Gutenberg letterpress printed boxes, these UK designed matches are comfortably longer.

Shades of grey
Born in the heart of Italian ceramic district but inspired by Nordic style.

Basso bottle trivet
Known as Basso, this Swedish made coaster for wine and champagne is from Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Serve with colour
These bold paper napkins bring an eye-catching detail to all table settings.

When life gives you lemons…
…send ‘em through this handy tool with a built-in strainer. Gives a whopping 20% more juice than normal.

Sweet treats
With these 60 beginner-friendly recipes, French baking is now more approachable than ever.

Pretty please
Brazilian hand-painted ceramics from the house of Bordallo Pinheiro.

Small batch mixers
Best fruit juices, organic agave and natural cane sugar for vibrant flavour with just the right amount of sweetness.

Caddy up
Store flatware, napkins and sauces in these sleek handled acacia wood and gunmetal boxes.

Top notes of marjoram
Formulated with lavender, extracts of plants, grasses, seaweed and algae to moisturize and protect the hands.

Looks like glass
Won’t crack, shatter, break, cloud or discolour, these red wine glasses
are simply vibrant.

Decidedly dark 
A power shift towards black marble leads to both opulence and drama in this island silhouette – a creative interpretation of natural stone.

The Grand Cru of breadmakers 
Emile Henrie’s cloche has a rounded shape that mirrors a traditional domed bread oven for ideal humidity.

Chestnut mongers
The French way to pit peaches, peel garlic, or even grafting in the garden.

Funnel, shredder, opener
Combines eight basic stackable kitchen tools into one tall bottle.

Let it bee
Hand-extracted by local beekeepers, this wildflower honey is from the Hills of Headwaters.

Pucker up 
A resilient cocktail collection honouring basic geometric forms.

Voluptuous yet lean
London-based designer Ilse Crawford has long been a champion of the clean lines and understated elegance that is associated with Scandinavian design in this vase.

A watched pot never boils
If you love rice, but not waiting, this easy microwave cooker is a quick life hack.

Pure chemistry
Experiment with molecular gastronomy in the great outdoors.

Measuring retro
Add a touch of vintage to your outdoor kitchen with these stackable cups.

Cut flowers
A pair of Turton Pattern’ kitchen scissors with extra grip and pointed tip is as useful as it is iconic. Now for lefties too.

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