Bella Books


By Theo A. Michaels, Ryland Peters & Small

A delightful sunny Mediterranean day on a plate. Enjoy a new dining experience in your own home with these recipes from Masterchef UK semi-finalist Theo Michaels.

Steak and Cake

By Elizabeth Karmel, Workman Publishing Company

Discover just how indulgent both steak and cake can be with Elizabeth Karmel, a Southern baker extraordinaire and one of North America’s leading pitmasters. Homefront says, let them eat cake—and steak! 

Beauty Foods

By Caroline Artiss, Ryland Peters & Small

Simple and delicious, using some super- foods but mostly everyday items, these recipes will give you a well-balanced, all-over beauty diet.

Signature Dishes That Matter

By Susan Jung, Phaidon Press

A global celebration of the iconic restaurant dishes that defined culinary history over 300 years. Curated by experts and organized chronologically, it’s a landmark cookbook and a fascinating history of dining out.

A Field Guide to Cheese

By Tristan Sicard, Artisan Books

This “tour de fromage” is a history lesson on cheese creation, a primer of types of milks and an encyclopedic survey of 400 cheeses. This book is for professional cheesemongers just as much as it is for those with a simple love of cheese.

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