Bella Cucina goes clean and classy

5 Tips to get the look

  1. Make clever simple and simple clever.
  2. Take your time to add pieces.
  3. Go for timelessness.
  4. Be neutral with a pop.
  5. Less is better. Remove distractions.

More than just a hood

Smart in design, with practical smoked- glass shelves for storage, the Spazio island hood is fabulously functional.

Space savers

This three-piece, eco-friendly, airtight bowl set can easily be carried to work, hiking or on a picnic. Suitable for storing and preparing food at temperatures up to 60OC.

Pop-up and go

A stylish bright container that can be unfolded when you need it, and stored flat when you don’t.

Emperor’s garden

Michael Sieger has created a modern interpretation of Chinese porcelain art, with fine 24-carat gold applied and hand polished.

Blucingly fresh

If green smoothies are your thing, this is your machine. Blend, juice or combine both for the ultimate blast of flavour and nutrition.

Marvelous monkey

Fresh, cheeky and colourful, unique characters from comic culture come together on these fun champagne goblets.

Tidy chopping

With a 3 cup capacity and three plates to choose from, your workspace will stay clean.

Pretty in pink

Brighten up your kitchen space with beautiful and chic pastels.

Flask and glasses

Upgrade your travel with this portable lined drinks pack, with two double-walled glasses, a stainless flask, teaspoon and corkscrew, packed in a branded canvas carrier.

Bon Bon

This crochet piece offers a romantic balance between natural and artificial, old and new.

Marcel Wanders

Power juicing

Adjustable for lemons or limes, this handy gizmo does the job without leaving rind, pulp or seeds.

Luxe lunch

Made to keep contents cold for hours when you’re on the go. Sleek, modular and oh so pretty.

Only the best

Fill this gemstone bowl with caviar and the base with ice.

Transats Chiliennes

Chic and made 100 per cent in France, these deckchairs are summer sexy.

Baby blue

Breathe new life into your kitchen with these stylish Italian countertop appliances.

It’s the greatest

With a 1.5-cup capacity, this small and mighty cube grater features three blades for fine, coarse, and ribbon grating.

Goodbye bruising

The natural soft and flexible silicone skin of this banana transporter prevents damage.

Oh shucks

It’s time for oysters with this knife, which combines a Pakka wood handle and 420 stainless steel blade.

Sticky fingers

No more damage to cookbooks with this fancy, swivel-base countertop stand.

French fry express

Makes 25 regular-sized fries, vegetable sticks or cheese sticks with one quick, easy motion.

Safety first

The fire extinguishers of the 24H Le Mans collection ensure fire security for your house or condo.

Pop and go

Make and serve up to 10 cups of popcorn in the microwave without added oil or butter. Made of heat- resistant silicone, with handy safety tabs.

Strawberry at its best

Jam-packed with little Murano and Camarosa strawberries and just the right amount of cane sugar, this is a classic among English jams.

Measure up

Tidy and attractive, these long handed measurer’s come in a 5 piece set.

Delve into a dream

Luisa Beccaria launches a delightful table-top collection with romantic floral patterns and pastel colours.

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