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Good-bye ordinary. Hello extraordinary.

By Mark Eglington

Ever since my father took me on my first tour of Liebherr’s manufacturing facility in Ochsenhausen, I’ve been in awe of the scrupulous attention to detail that goes into each and every premium refrigerator. From the product designers, engineers and procurement teams who start the process to the master craftspeople, technicians and testers on the factory floor it’s a labour of love that continues to make the best, even better. 

Week after week, the Liebherr team seamlessly delivers the smartest, quietest, most beautifully integrated refrigeration products to our warehouses for the Canadian market to meet needs of a widest range of customers. 

Recently, they’ve categorized their energy efficient cooling products into 4 distinct tiers: Pure, Plus, Prime, and Peak. Each group has an unmatched combination of ground-breaking features to suit any lifestyle and budget. 

And, thanks to a multitude of new and enhanced features, Liebherr’s fully integrated appliances are true all-arounders that not only reliably keep food fresh, but also offer more convenience in everyday life. Simply put, we’ve almost reinvented the refrigerator.  

Latest captivating options from Liebherr that make their mark include: 

Hydrobreeze: When the fridge door is opened, the fruit and veg in the BioFresh safe are gently covered with a gentle, cold mist that acts as a protective balm. With a temperature of just above 0 °C, it increases surface tension and preserves the structure of the food. 

IceMaker: Produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, partnered with InfinitySpring—a water fountain in the fridge. This duo ensures filtered cold water and ice at all times. 

OpenStage: A sophisticated internal storage concept that elegantly presents food and beverages, optimizes storage, and ergonomic accessibility. A gentle damping is used to close and seal pull-out drawers, combined with an ambient LED lighting system to enhance visibility each time the refrigerator door is opened. This feature not only transforms the interior of the refrigerator but also elevates the entire kitchen experience. 

The sound of silence: Leading the way in today’s architectural intertwining of kitchen and living room spaces, Liebherr’s almost imperceptible sound level benchmarks of 29 dB(A) hit Class ‘A’, in enhanced noise reduction.

Explore the future of fully integrated living with Liebherr’s revolutionary New Pure and Primes Series by visiting your premium appliance dealer, euro-line-appliances.com. 


For over 15 years, Mark Eglington has been passionate about European-manufactured best-in-class appliances. By day, he is the President of Canadian-owned Euro-Line Appliances; by night he’s perfecting his cooking skills.

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