Life in a fairy tale

By Kylie MacKenzie

Amidst stunning panoramic views of the Caldera, the historic volcano and the mesmerizing blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Canaves Oia’s whitewashed cube-shaped buildings known as the Sunday suites are in privileged locations on the famous Greek island of Santorini.

Let the wind blow your professionally crewed yacht to hidden gem beaches and caves around the dramatic cliff-framed island coastline. Take a private swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Discover the most famous wine-making region in Greece with its 3000-year wine history and take time to truly reconnect and get our flow back with outdoor yoga sessions that truly salute the sun. There’s plenty and nothing to do here.

Canaves Oia has but a handful of unique, luxuriously spacious Sunday suites that are beautifully equipped with rain showers, outdoor pools and a variety of fabulous amenities. And, did we mention the picture-perfect views and magnificent locations for magical weddings?

Gathering before sunset at the coveted highest point in Oia for champagne and tapas at Raw and Bubbles is the recommended way to end a leisurely day. Candlelit tables and supper time menus never fail to impress. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients come together in creative seafood dishes that are a fusion of Japanese and Greek served with wonderful wines from small, family-owned vineyards. A talked about favourite these days: Chef’s tuna tataki and spicy ponzu chased by a juicy teriyaki beef fillet served on the hotel’s stunning outdoor terraces. 

To end the day, follow dinner with a slow dance and romantic nightcap overlooking the sea and your dreams just might have come true.

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