An ‘ancient future’ eco-retreat

Reminiscent of a surreal movie backdrop but sturdy enough to withstand the test of time, Outpost X is the brainchild of Travis Chambers—a pioneer who combines sci-fi with ancient times and modern luxury.

By Kylie MacKenzie

A 240-acre property with ten units made up of immersive Cave Villas, Sky Lodges with King Size hanging beds, transparent Zen Domes for night-time stargazing and fantasy villas, OutpostX merges a movie set with a luxe hotel to create a truly sustainable lodging experience.

Surrounded by the region’s natural beauty and boasting seven national parks nearby, the complex sits on a seasonally dry 100-acre a lakebed that creates an otherworldly sight similar to a sci-fi desert planet in the summer. In the winter, the lake bed freezes over which creates what’s been described as “a mesmerizing geometric marble pattern.” 



Become an extension of the Earth

The Cave villa is built by Universal Rock at their facility with industry-leading realistic faux rock materials and techniques. Fully furnished for total privacy and comfort. It features the Outpost X EcoBed that lets you slide your bed outside to sleep under the stars.

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