This elephant never forgets

A sister for its much-loved namesake on Nantucket, the White Elephant Palm Beach is a lovely reincarnation of the famous Bradley Park Hotel from the 1920s. On a prime location on sunny Sunset Avenue, the 4th floor, 13 room, 19 suite space has been designed to give privileged guests the comfortable feel of staying in their own stately, private residence. Rather than adopting the bold, bright pink and green aesthetic that Palm Beach is famous for, this “elephant” comes with its own toned-down colour palate of gracious neutrals—obviously in deference to subtlety of New England’s charm.

With unforgettable service and memorable amenities, the two new penthouse suites promise to be instant guest favourites with their fabulously grand terraces—ideal for both families and exclusive private parties.

And, as in the north, White Elephant Palm Beach’s on-site restaurant, Lola 41, will be opening in September 2020, with the hotel. Here in the sunny south, under the guidance of its northern chefs, resident guests and local diners alike will be in for Nantucket style tasty seafood treats.

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