Happiness is…brave, bold and beautiful

By Edilka Anderson

It goes without saying that we could all use a healthy boost of positive energy and joy right about now, as we deal with the huge lifestyle changes that have been thrust upon us. Working from home, kids off school, not venturing out, social distancing and missing the camaraderie and support of friends and family can take its toll.

The designer in me can’t help but think that surrounding ourselves with bright, happy things and taking a ‘glass half full approach’ to being at home would be good for the soul. After all, loving places need happy spaces. So, I’ve got a few ideas that’ll help you lighten up and refresh your space as you hunker down for what just may be a once-in-a-lifetime spring and summer season.

Boost your mood with colour

Firstly, what I do know is that small changes to colour schemes, room layouts and fabrics can not only be mood enhancing and emotionally uplifting, but productivity inducing. When carefully chosen to suit the space, a colour can make a great first impression in the morning, instill a more welcoming vibe and create a more comfortable atmosphere.

It can communicate positive emotions, re-focus our attitude and improve productivity and motivation. Colour can sway people, change attitudes, suppress appetites and, when used the right way, even reduce energy consumption. So, why not use a pop of orange, a hint of yellow or a fresh, clean green to your advantage right now?

Home workspace 101

Research tells us that bad ergonomics and crowded home offices or makeshift spaces cause distraction, time wasting and a lack of creativity. Let’s see what we can do to make things better.

Step one: Tidy up and organize.

Step two: Think about how you feel in the space. How do you want to feel?

Step three: Consider what you’re sitting on and what you’re looking at when you raise your head.

Step four: Personalize. Find a statement piece or add art as a focal point.

Step five: Play with colour and find ways to make a small space look larger by adding standing mirror in the room or simply on the wall.

Romance after dark

There’s still much needed personal time when day is done, and the kids go off to bed. Embrace your space and make it soft and touchable with fabrics that drape or flow, textures that are gentle and restful. Consider a chandelier to set the mood or it could be as simple as installing dimmer switches to control your lighting. Treat yourself to fluffy new towels, a bath with scented candles, and some new bedding. Now just might be the time for a little drama or a bottle of champagne for two.

More than a fairy tale

As Dorothy so rightly said in The Wizard of Oz, after she’d defeated the wicked witch of the west…regardless of what happens, “there’s no place like home.” 

Stay safe, stay calm and let’s keep these words in mind as we recreate and re-imagine our spaces to make them more comfortable, invigorating and welcoming in the months to come. It might be the Hail Mary you’ve been looking for.


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