Liquid Assets

Only Vik Chile

Come to the Millahue Valley for the wine and stay for the master suite bathtubs with far reaching views of the mountains and vines.

Cool, calm and collected

Formulated with a high amount of CBD, small dose of THC, some CBN and a customized botanical terpene mix, this purposely formulated self care line is designed exclusively for women.

Saffron + neroli

Naturally scented floral water with orange blossom. Basic care for well-nourished skin. Contains a Bota Biome complex made from plants indigenous to Quebec.

Natural anti-inflammatories

This powerful muscle salve is made with oils of nettle and arnica from an indigenous business creating small batch botanical skincare products.

Fresh and clean

Smells like Lilac and Lilly of the Valley. Biodegradeable and perfect for sensitive skin.

Co-washing magic

A rich-no foam formula for wavy, curly and coily hair that cleanses, conditions and nourishes all in one.

Bath time treat

Organic Le Rosé French bubbly is a blend of de-alcoholized organic French Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, organic grape juice.

Big fish by the pool

Made from fine cotton, this beach towel is light yet generous in size. Adorned with a colourful fish motif and finished with long tassels. An accessory that will happily travel with you.

Waking up free

Enjoy the scent of trees in bloom and fresh spring flowers to welcome your day.

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And then there were two! 

In big sister- little sister style, White Elephant Nantucket and White Elephant Palm Beach are, joined at the hip, when it comes to their fresh, laid back, summer holiday style.  Just two of a kind, the siblings share museum worthy

Spring luncheon

By Sheila Centner @sebandsheila @sheilacentner @eatertainment  Spring brings not just warmer weather, but the joy of outdoor gatherings on the horizon. With the cold months behind us, it’s time to reunite with friends in backyards or lakeside settings. As blooms

A seaside resort that’s a window to the world

Japan always surprises me. In the best way. Two hours from the shiny surface of Tokyo, my plane circles a mountainous green island. It could be the Caribbean but instead, it’s a Unesco World Heritage site that’s part of Japan. 

Bella Cucina

Setting the benchmark Inspired for practically with a flawless finish and an aesthetic quality that will remain forever stylish. Wrap it up Decorative, square-shaped fabrics can be folded and tied to create a stunning and sustainable gift presentation that’s

Favourite Things

Well beyond… Luxury voyages will take place on a 679-foot vessel with 96 suites, 11 restaurants, a pool, and a beach club. Unlike traditional cruise ships, the smaller ship can navigate through areas most large ocean liners can’t, and activities

The Meandering Epicurist

By Keith Edwards Third Wave Coffee Coffee culture in Canada is belatedly catching up with other parts of the world… particularly those in Asia. But there are difficulties. Unfortunately, we’re a miniscule market compared to Asia where virtually all the