Liquid Assets Goes warm and cozy

5 Tips to get look
Consider a few plants for a spa atmosphere.
2) Install a heated towel rack.
3) Add a small basket of bath bombs near the tub.
4) Find the perfect mirror that doubles as décor.
5) Cuddle up with a thick and thirsty bathrobe.

Soak and Scrub
Uplift your bath experience with a therapeutic blend of naturally pink
Australian salt and calm fragrances.

Endless graphics
These beautiful murals are waterproof for use on floors, walls, ceilings
and trendy showers.

Beauty boost
Refine your skin and reduce the signs of ageing with this exquisite
blend of vitamins and minerals.

Only you
Each bespoke blend of oils is individually hand-blended with you
in mind and gives your hair the attention it deserves.

Blush beauty
This buttery soft Siberian fox faux fur throw is as elegant as it is ethical.

Sleep tight
Let your skin transform overnight with this restorative
treatment of essential nutrients and antioxidants.

High and dry
Hold your hair back while it dries using these
luxuriously soft micro fibre scrunchies.

Scrubbed pink
Use this gentle and effective scrub to buff away dead skin cells and
reveal a soft and radiant complexion.

The Alchemist’s Garden
A collection of singular eaux de parfum, oils, perfumed waters and a candle
inspired by traditional perfumery.

Let your worries fly away with this pulse-point therapy roll-on enhanced
with oils of ginger root, lavender and geranium.

Refreshing and clean

Made in the region of Kishu, this eco-friendly water purifier draws
unwanted chemicals out of the tap water.

Thinking hard
Use this cognitive supplement to heighten mental clarity and sharpen your focus.

Secret garden
Bring the wild, mysterious and sweet scent of these delicate
handmade candles wherever you go.

Sun’s out
Deeply hydrate and repair your skin with this antioxidant-infused, and highly
nourishing, mineral-based sunscreen for the face and body.


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