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Lazuli, carnelian and turquoise

Holistic healers have long been telling us that crystals and gemstones have healing qualities. While clear quartz is said to boost the immune system, rose quartz promises to improve circulation and other stones can be placed on various parts of the body help balance the chakras.

Proponents of crystal healing believe that the gemstones and crystals act as conduits allowing positive energy to flow into the body and negative, disease-causing energy to flow out. With an upsurge in popularity in recent years, this alternative therapy now appears on a number of spa menus— despite the fact that the medical profession still refers to it as a pseudoscience that lacks scientific-based evidence.

The good news, it’s harmless. So if you’re curious, give it a try at Scottsdale’s Boulders Resort & Spa, where the Turquoise Wrap includes a Vichy rinse and a wrap with ionized turquoise clay. The crystal itself—said to create a sense of peace—is placed on the forehead to aid in calming and meditation.

Butt lifts and G-spot shots

Enter a discreet door off Hazelton Avenue and you’re in the elegant world of Dr. Marc DuPéré’s Visage Clinic.

A French maid attends, ready to bring clients a cup of steaming latte before they go under the knife. Glamorous (even the powder rooms have lovingly chosen Gucci wallpaper), friendly and eerily private, you can literally walk in here as one person and walk out as another.

Surrounded by Venetian crystal chandeliers, rosewood and Macassar ebony furnishings, white and honey onyx surfaces and big-boy lasers galore, the good doctor and his med-spa team are ready, willing and able to reimagine any part of your body, it seems. I’m happy with my body, but my deliciously skin-nourishing facial is nothing but French- style perfection amidst such opulence.

And about that pleasure-enhancing “G-shot to the G-spot”— Dr. DuPéré’s team tells us that he’s the man, but that’s material for another story.

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