Romancing the Rails

Train travel is back in style with its direct route, hop on at the last minute, no-security screening charm. Now that the refurbishment of Union Station is well under way, (Will it ever be finished is the big question?), the availability of convenient schedules to Ottawa (and many other Canadian cities) is even more appealing. And for those of us who want a little extra for not much more, VIA First Class simply makes good sense. 

Our no-stress trip to Ottawa and back took a comfortable four hours each way. Not bad considering the island airport was having trouble with snow and the 401 was a mess. 

What sets Via 1 apart? For us, it was the pre-boarding directly from the first-class lounge, reserved seat selection, complimentary food and beverage service—breakfast, lunch or dinner ,depending on the time of day—and the ability to change tickets as needed. A more stress-free way to go!

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