Designing a Luxury Gaming Room

More than three billion people play video games, that’s more than half of the world’s adult population. When you look just at advanced economies like the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan, the percentage of people who enjoy gaming rises closer to 70%. 

But despite gaming becoming a much more mainstream activity, there are still stereotypical associations with the hobby, with many seeing it as being associated with geek culture. This is somewhat created by the culture of bright RGB colours that many gaming products can be bought in, as well as the collectables that are sold to fans of popular franchises. 

If you’re a fan of luxury, this look may not really be what you’re looking for, so it can be difficult to find a way to enjoy your gaming hobby to the fullest extent. It shouldn’t and needn’t be this way, however. If you want a luxury gaming room, it’s possible to create a dedicated space to enjoy your favourite titles without having to stuff it full of neon lights and Mario figurines. 

To combine luxury and gaming together, you need to be considered with your design to ensure you get both the aesthetics and the function that you want. 

Start By Focusing on the Games

To get the most out of your gaming room, you need to understand how it will be used. A big part of this involves considering the types of games that you plan to play as they can require very different things. 

For example, if you’re a big fan of AAA blockbusters, you’re going to need a high-end gaming PC or a current-generation console like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. To go with that, you’ll also need a sizable monitor or TV, preferably one that can handle 4K graphics. 

Alternatively, if you’re someone who prefers to play casino games like video slots or table games, then you have more flexibility about the hardware you choose. While leading online casinos offer players a huge selection of advanced titles like Monopoly Big Baller Live, Breaking Bad Cash Collect, and 800 Pound Gorilla, each with their own unique features and quality graphics, they’re compatible with a very broad range of hardware. 

The same is true for casual games and even retro titles, provided you’re comfortable with setting up emulators. Therefore, you could opt for a lower-powered PC or even just a tablet or smartphone. 

Once you know what hardware your games will require, you can begin to consider the space you’ll put it in.


Power and Connectivity

While we’re going to assume that a luxury gaming room will be without a sea of RGB lights, you are still going to need ample power to run all of your devices. And, unless you’re planning to exclusively play single-player titles, you’ll also need a solid internet connection. 

Think carefully about placement, nothing cheapens an aesthetic like trailing cables and lots of outlets. Wherever possible, try to hide them behind your TV or monitor and be militant about cable management. 

Wi-Fi is a great way to reduce the need for wires, but it’s slower and has a higher latency than ethernet, so you may still want to opt for a wired option. In this case, just follow the same principles to hide the cables. 


Keeping your space free of clutter is going to make a big difference in giving your gaming room a luxury feel. Storage that hides devices, peripherals, and discs that are currently not in use is a great way to do this. Opting for vintage and artistic options like those by Draga Obradovic and Aurel Basedow can help your space to be unique, luxurious, and clutter-free. 


Like any other room you use for leisure activities, comfort is going to be a big factor to consider when designing a space for gaming. This is where you can really make a big difference in your drive for luxury. 

Comfy leather sofas and armchairs, preferably ones where you can recline are going to make a big difference here. Don’t forget to include space for others, especially if you’re planning to invite friends to play with you. 

Photos: Jolene Hardy. JESHOOTS.COM.

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