14 Ideas for the Ultimate Ontario Basement Recreation Room


Whether you want to build a rec room to be a warm and cozy escape from Ontario winters, a place to chill and cool down in the heat of our summers, or just want a designated spot in your home for your favourite pastimes, these 14 ideas for your basement rec room have you covered.

1. Lounge Space

A lounge-able space with comfortable couches and chairs always makes for a welcoming and cozy rec room. It’ll transform your basement into the perfect place where people can curl up to watch movies or TV.

2. Home Theatre

Building off the idea of a lounge space is transforming your basement (or at least part of it) into a full-blown home theatre. You can add quality surround sound speakers, a big-screen TV or projector, black-out curtains for any windows, and space to hold drinks and snacks. You can even add reclining chairs or sofas to bring in a movie theatre-like experience.

3. Kitchenette & Bar

A kitchenette and bar are fun and functional additions to a rec room. They allow you to host a game night or movie night without the hassle of trekking up and down the stairs to the kitchen to provide snacks and drinks to guests.

4. Fireplace

Adding a fireplace can bring warmth and coziness to a basement rec room, which is especially inviting in the cold winter months. If your home isn’t built to accommodate a fireplace, electric ones can be amazing alternatives; they not only simulate the look and crackle of an actual log-burning fire but also provide extra warmth to the space.

5. Gaming Station

For avid video gamers, a rec room could present an opportunity to build the gaming station of your dreams. Bring in a desk that perfectly fits your gaming computer and an ergonomic chair that supports your neck and back. Polish it off by decking the walls out with posters and figurines from your favourite games, and you’ve created a gaming station that will keep you comfortable for endless hours of fun.

6. Game Table

What is a rec room if not the perfect place for a game night? Adding a table that’s big enough to accommodate your friends and family for board game nights or poker games, alongside comfortable chairs, will make your rec room the go-to spot for game nights. And since the house is always supposed to win, you might want to hone your poker skills with the help of this guide to online casinos in Ontario.

7. Board Game Wall

While we’re on the subject of game tables, why not use your game collection as wall decor? Whether you display your favourites on floating shelves or install floor-to-ceiling shelving to showcase your whole collection, seeing games on display can make for a playful, decorative element.

8. Pool Table

Whether you go for a classic pool table or one with a sleek modern look, a pool table instantly enhances a space by being both a classic look and delivering an element of fun. A pool table adds the sense that it’s a space to unwind and enjoy yourself.

9. Ping-Pong Table

If you’re not a pool fan, then perhaps a ping-pong table is the way to go. Like a pool table, there are different style variations so that the table won’t clash with your aesthetic. The best part about a table tennis table is that it’s more versatile than a pool table because you can comfortably sit at it as you would at any other table. This means that when you’re not playing a game of ping-pong or table tennis, you can use it as a table for other games (like the card or board games mentioned above). Just don’t spill any beer on it!

10. Foosball

Another fun and playful addition to a rec room is a foosball table. Something about them always makes for a fun time with friends or family, and they bring out our competitive sides in a fun, easy-going way.

11. Arts, Crafts, & DIY Station

For those who are crafty or have kids who love arts and crafts, setting up a dedicated craft area can be a great way to use a rec space. It allows for all the creative freedom (and messes it might bring) with fewer worries about taking over too much space in the house. If you’re a DIYer, a craft zone can also be an excellent place for tackling projects since other areas, like the garage, can become too hot or cold in Ontario weather.

12. Music Room

The basement can also make for a perfect music room that will minimize disruptions to the rest of the home. You can have all your instruments on display and never have to worry about tucking away everything when you’re not playing. Adding area rugs and noise-dampening pieces to the walls, whether decorative soundproof wall tiles, will also shape a better soundscape to play in or record in, as they’ll help to limit the disruption of ambient noise.

13. Home Gym

Using part of your rec room for a home gym can help you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your home. Beyond throwing in a weight bench or cardio machine, you can make your workout space more functional and motivating by putting up a few mirrors so you can keep an eye on your form, laying out some foam tiles or mats for a stretching space, and adding an aesthetic rack for your free weights.

14. Reading Nook

If you and your household are avid readers, adding a cozy reading nook to your rec room is a great idea to consider. Line the nook with books, add comfortable seating and good lighting, and the bookworms in your life will be thrilled.


Whether you opt for one of these ideas or a combination of them, odds are you’ll transform your basement into the hub of your home, giving you and your family the spaces you need for your hobbies and pastimes. You might also suddenly find yourself with more friends than ever!

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