No Place Like Home: Outfit and Home Office Tips for Professionals Working From Home

Over the past few years, the line between professional and personal spaces has blurred as work-from-home setups have become increasingly common. The Financial Post reports that remote work is the arrangement of choice for Canadians at least 1.7 days a week on average. This means Canadians work from home more than employees in any other country.

The era of remote work entails a lot of shifts in work and lifestyle habits. This includes striking the perfect balance between comfort and polished style in terms of your wardrobe choices and your home office environment, all while prioritizing productivity. In this article, we’ll outline a few tips to help you do exactly that. Let’s begin!

Home office tips

Invest in good lighting
As we discussed in a previous article, good lighting is one of the most important considerations in a home office. Studies have shown that workers in well-lit offices are more productive than those in poorly-lit offices. Good lighting can also help reduce eye strain and fatigue, which can lead to increased concentration. Natural light is ideal as it is known to boost energy levels, but if that’s not an option, invest in ceiling lights for clear ambient lighting and a good desk lamp like the Humanscale Nova that provides a soft, glare-free adjustable light. 

Don’t skimp on ergonomics
Curate furniture in your home office with ergonomics in mind. One study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that surveyed remote workers found that 41.2% reported low back pain while 23.5% reported neck pain. Fortunately, this can be solved with the proper desk set-up and ergonomic chair. For this, you can check out the highly-rated Herman Miller Embody desk chair, which has adjustable armrests and tweakable Backfit adjustment to follow your spine’s natural curve. Good ergonomics ensures maximum comfort and safety, enhancing productivity whilst keeping you healthy and pain-free.

Styling tips for working from home

Wear blue light glasses
A 2023 study from the University of Victoria showed that occupational and recreational screen time averages among participants rose to six to seven hours per day after 2020. This has led to the prevalence of digital eye strain (DES), particularly among remote workers. DES is a group of vision problems, including dry and red eyes, focusing difficulties, and eye fatigue, from prolonged exposure to blue-violet light emitted by screens.

To combat DES, optometrist Dr. Justin Asgarpour recommends wearing blue light glasses that filter out blue-violet light and protect your eyes for the long term. For premium quality frames, Clearly offers luxury brands like Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange, and Versace. Plus, stylish glasses like Versace’s VE3349U in Black or Ray-Ban’s Gina Optics in Striped Havana are a great way to accessorize and look more professional during Zoom calls!

Opt for comfortable but polished basics
It can be tempting to stay in your pajamas since there really isn’t a dress code for remote work. However, overly casual wear can psychologically keep you in relaxation mode and affect your productivity. But this doesn’t mean that you have to be in a power suit when you work from home. Researchers from Columbia Business School highlight that comfortable home attire consistently improved both authenticity and engagement. Because workers felt more like themselves in their home attire, they were ultimately more engaged and productive at work that day.

If you’re starting your home office wardrobe from zero, check out brands like Aritzia. They’ve got an entire shopping category dedicated to work-from-home outfits, where you’ll find elevated loungewear. Pieces in the collection include the Luxe Cashmere Jara Sweater by Wilfred and the workwear-inspired twill Titan Pant from Babaton.

Ultimately, maximizing productivity for the work-from-home lifestyle is all about fusing comfort, safety, and professionalism. So, use this guide to create an environment and a polished wardrobe that work together to help you feel engaged and happy while working remotely.

Madeleine Storey is a freelance writer with years of experience working from home and outside the office. When she isn’t writing about lifestyle and travel, you can find her traveling the world and enjoying her own adventures.

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